Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Big V.

While reading another blog today, I started thinking about Valentine's Day. As a female in a long term relationship, you'd assume that I love Valentine's Day. But you assume very wrong.

I don't really support the social stigma behind V-Day and I hate how much pressure it puts upon couples. Like me, for example. I am the WORST at coming up with ideas. Then I battle with my gender. As the woman in the relationship, do I need to do anything for Valentine's Day? Some would say it's the man's job to show the love on this particular day, as obviously, us females show the love all the other days of the year.

But I disagree, sir.

I think us women need to show our men just as much love on this stupid fateful day, no??

So that got me thinking. I wish I were dating a guy who loved simple things, like football, food and porn (yeah, I said it) because Valentine's Day would be simple. I had to go and pick a guy who's so thoughtful, creative and extensive. Sometimes I feel like I have to compete with him!

While I worked on V-Day last year, Jake surprised me with an amazing day trip to Newport, Rhode Island where we toured the ridiculously amazing mansions there.

It was such a great day.
So  now I'm thinking, we're in this fantastic new city with a million things to explore and DO, but where do I start??
Do any of you have any awesome suggestions?? I'm working on a few things but I want to get it all locked down EARLY.