Thursday, February 21, 2013

White Organization.

Guys, I've been really getting shit done lately. Well that is, all the shit I have to get done besides keeping up with blogs...but I feel like a return to the steady blogverse is approaching.

I really like to be organized, or at least pretend to be organized. I think it motivates me to get things done more. I've been working on blog ideas, with some help from readers (thank you for your comments on that last post, btw, I started keeping a journal in my purse for the odd moment when I have an idea!) and am getting my life more in order.

I have a thing about lists. I even like making lists of lists that I have to make. It's sick, I know. So, in order to kick start my almost-Springtime self, I bought a white board and have decided to keep weekly goals and to-do's on it. And so far, it's really helping!

For example, this morning I wanted to stay in bed and hit the snooze a few more times but when I rolled over, I saw my white board and all I have left to accomplish for the week. So now, about 1 hour later, I am three cups of coffee down with an organized desk and a clean work space. Now I'm ready to start checking off some weekly goals and to-dos!

Guys, I'm really proud of myself.

Here's to getting back on the band wagon!

Oh and on a second note, do you know who Nigella Lawson is? She's a chef that I totally adore and love. Randomly, one of the dancer's at the studio I work at was telling me how her mom was hosting an event for Nigella here in Toronto and that she had to go help out. I lost my shit because I love Nigella Lawson so last night, the dancer brought me this:

Yeah, so it's safe to say that I'm pretty excited.

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