Friday, May 3, 2013


I'm a pretty open person. I don't have a problem trying new things, going to strange places or meeting unusual people. But there are still a good number of things that I draw the line at. I don't like being uncomfortable, at all. And there are a few things that perpetually make me uncomfortable:

S J Pinkney

1. Heights: I honestly don't mind heights. I think everything looks amazing from super far in the sky but getting me there is a challenge. I feel so uneasy and uncomfortable in tall buildings or in planes.

2. Other couples fighting: Don't fight in front of other people, it's just A. rude and B. uncomfortable for everyone but you. But it really should be uncomfortable for you.

3. Languages I don't know: I know it sounds stupid and probably ignorant of me but when I'm in a situation where someone doesn't speak English or even in a situation where a thick accent is involved, I honestly get uncomfortable. It's mostly because I feel bad for not understanding them!

4. Being too full: I know this is random, but I hate when you eat too much then you feel uncomfortably full. It's such a shitty feeling!

5. Dealing with angry people: I am not good at dealing with angry people, especially if they are angry at me or angry at my general direction. It makes me sweaty and panic and I hate it. I had to deal with some stuff at work last night and I was so uncomfortable. I'm glad it's over but I'm honestly dreading going into work for the first time because I don't want anyone mad at me.

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