Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday List of Things

As my 6 week stint in a hotel comes to a close and my 25th birthday tomorrow (eek!) I thought I would recap my week in a short list-type post...mainly because I have 1,000 thoughts in my head and no way to complete almost any of them!

1. I have been sticking to this meal plan I found online this week and it has been making things a thousand times easier. I love cooking and planning things but sometimes I really hate coming up with it on my own. It's a Paleo meal plan, as Jake and I are trying to get back into it. And it's been really good so far! We're not sticking 100% to Paleo these days, but mostly! We've had sandwiches for lunch each day but that's okay in my book. We use a lot of Paleo things, like almond butter and almond milk, coconut oil and milk, no pastas etc. And now I'm in LOVE with these (suppose to be almond butter but we use) Peanut Butter and Banana smoothies (click here to see this recipe and more!)

2. I got a job this week! It's very exciting to me! Some people say I found a job here really fast, after being here 6-7 weeks. But I think it took for ever to secure something. The position isn't completely in my field, but it will look good on a resume and provide valuable experience in a professional field I think. I am a Correspondence and Bankruptcy Processor for a small medical and consumer goods credit card company. It sounds fancy but essentially, I answer mail and keep track of bankrupt accounts. I'm pretty excited to start working, however. 

3. It's my birthday tomorrow. Isn't it weird to anyone else that, as you get older, birthday's aren't that big of a deal anymore? Maybe it's a combination of getting older and also being away from family and friends. Jake always makes my birthday's wonderful. Last year will be hard to beat, as he took me to the best restaurant in joke, it's like rated the best restaurant in Toronto years in a row. It was the most amazing food I had ever had. Sometimes, though, I just wish I could have a BBQ with my family, invite over some friends and have some beers, play some games, just stuff like that. Someday, my birthday wish will come true.

I can't believe 4 years ago I turned 21.
4. I've been kind of into classical music this week. I just got a Kindle and this is huge for me. If you read this post, about how much I hate Kindle's and think technology is ruining books, then you know I've come a long way since then. But as I read books on my Kindle, I find that I love turning on the Classical station on my Pandora radio. It was so relaxing last night that I fell asleep, Kindle in hand, earbuds in ears. I didn't take them out till 1am I think. I heard this song and was swept away on a sleepy, dream cloud.

5. I've been running frequently lately. I thought I would never enjoy running, but I really feel accomplished after a good run. But, please keep in mind, that I'm not running like 5, 6, 7 miles each day. I'm working up to it but I'm starting with 2 miles and a bit of fast walking inbetween. It's so freaking humid and hot here in the mornings even that it makes it difficult to do so. I did, however, run a 10:03 mile yesterday, which is like unheard of for me. I like how my legs feel after running. I like how sweaty I am after running. I like how it's making me sleep really well these days. All good things, I think. Plus I've always wanted my legs to have that muscle definition on the outside know what I'm talking about...and they're never had it before but I've noticed a lot of my friends who run a lot have that. I will get it:

See that line on her upper thigh? I want that.
 6. I've bee thinking a lot about writing lately. Well I've been reading a lot lately, and that inspires me to want to write. I really think I want to write a book someday. Nothing autobiographical, I don't think my life has been interesting enough yet for that. but I think a work of fiction is in my future. I just need to figure out what I want to write about, develop some characters, a plot, and how to structure a story properly. I better get going. But the other day, I was returning from the post office and I was stopped at a light. At this light, I looked to my right and there, in the corner lot, I saw this house. I don't know what it was about the house but I couldn't stop staring at it. I wanted to pull into the driveway and peek in the windows. I still want to. I'm actually contemplating doing so today in my free time. This house is the house in my head. This house is where my story will take place. This is my dream house. Now you'll laugh when you see the picture, Jake did, but I think this house holds a mystery, or a long lost love, or a childhood full of secrets and fairy tales. I just...feel this inner hunger to know more about it.

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