Monday, January 6, 2014

100 Happy Days

Yesterday, while browsing my world ... er ... Facebook ... I saw a friend of mine talking about being happy. Further investigation showed me the 100 Happy Days challenge. This got me thinking about being happy...

Looking inward, with all the truth that a new year can bring, I know I am/can be a pretty negative person. I always jump to conclusions and find the little negative that I can. I don't know if it's just me or the society I was raised in, but sometimes (ok a lot of the time), it gets really fucking old. So when I saw this challenge, I thought it would help me to look at each day and instead of see the things that made me mad or irritated me at work, to see the little moment that made me smile.

My first moment of happiness documented was last night. Jake and I went to bed and put on a show on my Kindle. I really love snuggling down, especially in this frigid weather. I felt, in that moment, the happiest I had all day!

This moment is my happiest of the day: a mug of hot almond milk with nutmeg and honey to calm me down and some time to blog (which is something I haven't made time for but love to do). 

I spent most of the day looking for my little moment of happiness. I thought it was interesting how much this photo challenge has already made me more aware of being happy. At the end of it, it was a toss up between this photo and one I took this morning. After I had spent all yesterday weekend stressing out about starting work, I arrived today to a desk stacked with work that I had missed out on. Most people, I think, would arrive at such a scene and get overwhelmed. But I high-fived myself, congratulating me on all the work I have do to. If you know me ... you know how much I love being busy.

I'm looking forward to going through each day looking for the things that make me happy. I think that being more aware of it, it will be easier to be happy. 

Well played, 100 Happy Days, well played. 

PS Find me on Instagram :) I love new friends!

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