Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Are You Ready?!

Since we left Vegas and I realized that EDC (Electronic Daisy Carnival) was actually over all I can seem to do is put my headphones in and listen to all the live sets that I experienced and those that I didn't get to see.

I think I'm stuck in some post-festival depression. And being in a new place with no job (yet), no friends (yet) and no car to get away from the hotel room...I find myself in this little world all alone...and I love it!

It's so cool listening to these sets and know I was there! I was in that crowd! I remember the way it felt, the energy, the screaming, the singing, the fireworks, the way the crowd vibrated, the lights, it was the most intense weekend of my life. And I can't wait to go back.

Here are some pictures from professional sites (I can't post mine until we move into the new apartment on July 15th because I can't use my lap top) and here are some of my favorite sets!
Circuit Grounds
Circuit Grounds: This was probably my favorite stage, but the main stage was pretty ridiculous too. It was inside a partial dome, the stage you can see in the very center (yeah, that little ball of light under that centre diamond..). The VIP area (my friends and I had VIP passes) is that raised area off to the left there, wit the white fences. It was awesome, the view was incredible, there were private air conditioned bathrooms and bars too! Way worth it! The best thing about this stage (besides it had the best bathrooms) was that those hanging diamonds...moved. It was incredible to experience! 

Artists I saw here: R3hab, Dirty South, Thomas Gold, Laidback Luke, Arty, (last part of) Krewlla and more
Artists I missed here: Bassjackers, Gareth Emery, Fatboy Slim, Madeon, Wolfgang Gartner, Bingo Players, Clockwork and more.

Kinetic Field, from behind the stage looking into the crowd.

Kinetic Field, Mainstage
Kinetic Field, Mainstage: This was such an epic space. That owl moved and made faces. There were light up creatures surfing through the crowd (you can see an octopus in the crowd). Fire works, flames, lights, the biggest speakers I've ever seen. It was incredible. In the first picture, looking at the crowd, you can see the VIP area in the back, where the white tents are. There is also a VIP ferris wheel which we rode right as Tiesto was going was amazing. The VIP area had it's own entrance, those tents were air conditioned, private bathrooms, bar, great people and the BEST view of the stage. 

Artists I saw here: Dyro, Porter Robinson, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Hardwell, Calvin Harris and more
Artists I missed here: Avicii, Zeds Dead, Dada Life, Nicky Romero, Afrojack, Dash Berlin, Above and Beyond, Steve Angelo and more.

Bass Pod
BassPod: This stage played more dubstep/harder stuff, which I enjoy half of the time these days. We saw some great sets here though. There wasn't a VIP area here so we usually staked out to the right in the picture, by the fence. You can't see it in this picture, BUT, this stage used a lot of flames. It was awesome! The bass coming from here was almost heart stopping.

Artists I saw here: Datsik, Mt Eden, Foreign Beggars, Carnage, Terrevita, Flosstradaus (part of), Delta Heavy
Artists I missed here: 12th Planet, Crizzly and more (that I don't know)
Cosmic Meadow
Cosmis Meadow: We didn't spend a lot of time here, a majority of the artists we all wanted to see where at the three first stages. But we did see a few good ones here. This stage was the first thing you saw when you walked down the steps into the Motor Speedway. It was such a great view! This stage didn't have a VIP area either.

Artists I saw here: Knife Party and Kill the Noise
Artists I missed here/wish I saw: Empire of the Sun, Major Lazer, Dog Blood, Boys Noise, Rusko, Araabmusik


BassCon: We didn't see anything here. It wasn't playing the type of music any of us enjoyed long enough to hang out, really heavy bass and drums. But the stage itself was epic looking. I mean, how cool is this stage?!

Neon Garden
Neon Garden: We didn't come here at all either, mostly walked through it. It was the more chill, trance area. It seemed to be the place to find a spot to sit down and relax for a while. It was really pretty inside too.

Overall, it was a incredible three nights. I look back and think "man that's all I saw?!" But you have to count in rest breaks, wandering around, rides, bathrooms, and just plain walking to and from stages. There were so, so many people! Everywhere you looked there were people dancing and laughing and taking pictures. It was awesome. Watching the sun come up every morning was amazing. 

If I could spend every night at a place like this, I would.
I would go back in a heart beat.

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