Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Addicted To: Yeast.

Guys, I think I'm addicted to yeast. And I'm super upset with how gross that sounds.


Okay, I know it sounds kind weird and especially gross but it is delicious! I'm serious too. 

I first had nutritional yeast my freshman year of college. My roomie at the time was from an extra-hippie area on California and brought this snack up to Oregon with her. She gave me a bowl of home-popped popcorn covered in nutritional yeast.

And from that day on, I was hooked. Now I make it probably every over day. To my delight, Jake's tastes have changed with my persistence and he went from cringing every time I mentioned the Y word to actually requesting it. *Sniff* I'm so proud.

Now if you're still a little weary, you can read about it over here to sooth your soul. But if you're ready to try it out, let me share my fave popcorn recipe with you!

Okay so this crazy simple and you'll get hooked and thank me, I promise. In a saucepan pour enough popcorn kernels to cover the bottom of the pan one kernel deep, so no layering. Then add enough oil (I use olive oil) to gentle coat the kernels. You don't want them swimming. Don't forget to cover with a lid first! Turn the heat to medium/high and wait for a few minutes. Once the corn starts a-poppin feel free to shake the pan a bit so things don't burn. When the popping starts to peter out, remove from the heat and pour your delicious popped corn into a bowl. 

Now you can apply the nutritional yeast to your liking! Personally, this is how I do it:
1. Spray corn with olive oil cooking spray. 
2. Shake a good amount of yeast onto the piping hot kernels, like I put a LOT because I love it so much.
3. Sometimes I add a little seasoning salt or Old Bay seasoning. Occasionally taco seasoning for a kick.

I recommend starting out with a little amount so you can work into it. It's so good, guys, please go try this! And it's relatively healthy! 

Now, since I love it on popcorn, I started wondering what other concoctions I could create! And I found these recipes that I've now added to my Must-Try list!

"Cheesy" Kale Chips. Um. Delicious?! 


Mix in is as a topping! Try it in Cauliflower Mash, another delicious healthy recipe! 

In my research it looks like the yeast is best used in recipes as a salt substitute and a cheese sub. I'll have to play around with it and let you all know how it turns out.

Do you know any cool ways to use it?!

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  1. Yeast. Ok, I know what you mean. When I tell people about Marmite and that it is a yeast spread, I feel it sounds gross too. BUT, Marmite is sooooo good!