Sunday, September 2, 2012

Agree to Disagree.

As I've spent the past few days trying to get my life in order and organize my blog posting, I've come across a trend. (Yes, folks, I am trending.) A lot of my posts for the next couple months will usually be based on Canada, Canadian things and Canadian people. Because some of the things I encounter are just too good to not share!

This may be my first beef with Canada. And I consider it a pretty big offense. I don't know if I can recover from it.

Beautiful, eh?

What is the obsession with Sean Paul?! While I will preface this with the fact that I've only been to two clubs in Toronto, I have noticed a trend: Canadian's love them some Sean Paul!

Don't remember who that is? Let me remind you!

Now I'm was under the impression that Toronto would have a really good music scene. I did some research, joined a few Meet Up groups and have talked to some people I meet. Are all night clubs in Canada going to play Sean Paul?!

It's not just him, really. What I've noticed is all the music is like early 2000's hip hop and pop mixed with Nicki Minaj. Now I feel like it's my American duty to go out and find a club where they either play new music or, if the God's allow, EDM (Electronic Dance Music). 

Boy, I hope I am successful! But for now, I will agree to disagree with what Canadian dance clubs consider "good dance music."

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