Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Week: Activities.

Each season brings it's own set of awesome, unique activities, does it not? With Spring, we try out being a green thumb, we pick flowers and start having picnics and going for bike rides. Summer bring the most fun in my opinion: swimming, camping, camp fires, outdoor music shows, farmers markets, BBQ's, parties, festivals, hiking. *Man listing all of those makes me hate the fact that summer is almost over! Except that now I get Pumpkin Latte's and Wellington boots...* Winter also has it's fair share of great activities: holiday decorating, cookie parties, pot lucks with family, sledding/snow boarding/skiing/snowball fights for those in snow areas, holiday themed parties and desserts galore! 

But fall is a good time to sit back and enjoy the transition from summer to winter. 


Here is a short list of what I enjoy to do during fall:

-Pumpkin Patch: I love visiting to pumpkin patch! Something about the colours, the chill in the air, the spooky feelings. So great!

-High School Football Games: Nothing says fall and back to school like a high school football game!

-Leaf Bouquets: I love going out once the leaves start changing and collecting bouquets of leaves. I think it's a great way to bring colour into your life without the beautiful blooms of summer!

-Bon Fires: I know some people consider a bon fire a summer thing, but I don't. Summer fires are camp fires, because you're usually camping. I love the bon fires of fall the best. When, if not huddled close enough, your toes get cold. When you get to bundle up with some cocoa and marshmallows and enjoy being outside even if it's cold.

-Cookie Parties: I love when fall comes around because it usually means COOKIE PARTIES! It's so much easier to make cookies and goodies and decorate them when holidays are near, isn't it?

-Corn Maze: Now who doesn't like a good corn maze?!

What kinds of activities do you enjoy?

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  1. I am all over your list! My favorite thing to do during fall is pick out a pumpkin at a local patch. I think it's a fun experience so I refuse to display store bought pumpkins. Also, I really want to have a cookie party and have been trying to get my friends on board but sadly I might be sailing that ship alone.