Friday, April 26, 2013

60 Days.

Today marks 60 days eating the paleo diet. I can't believe it's been 2 months! It's really exciting to accomplish something like this. It also marks 60 days that I've been working out 4-6 days a week. I'm feeling decently about myself lately, which is an improvement believe me. 
Paleo= lots of avocado!

I enjoy paleo because I do well with challenges. I originally was skeptical about this. I thought "this is exactly like the no carb diet we tried a year ago and failed," but it's turned out to be different. I'm so much more aware of what I put in my body now. Everything I eat takes time to prepare. I snack less and consume more fresh foods. I'm okay with it.

May is the last whole month before Vegas (I'll have part of June as well). For the month of May, I'm stepping up my game. I want to cut out fruit and treats. I eat a lot of fruit but I know it contains a lot of sugar. I like paleo treats, like muffins, pancakes and mug cakes, because it satisfies my sweet tooth. Jake and I are going to work out together, which will provide that much more motivation.

I really, really want to step up my game. I haven't drastically lost weight with this diet and I'm okay with that. I've found it's been more therapeutic then anything else. Plotting what to put in my body, looking at food more as fuel rather then just food, knowing that I'm only putting good things in my body. I have days where I get upset because I'm not rail thin *yet* not that I really want to be then I remember to myself that this takes time and doing my best each day will get me there faster. I do the extra ten squats or 5 minutes on the bike/treadmill/elliptical. Because in all reality, only I can measure my success. 

No more muffins!
Even if they are delicious!
I came to the realization that I'm actually fine with my size. I am 5'11" and a size 12 I think I'd be okay to reach a size 10 again, however, that it a remaining goal. I haven't weighed myself since the very beginning and I don't know if I want to. I think I want to wait. So far I've been going off of how my clothing fits. I think maybe I'll weigh myself right before Vegas, when I've reached the end of the challenge period. I also want to weigh myself before and after Vegas to see if I lose weight while I'm there due to the three all night dance parties I'm about to attend

But before I enter the home stretch, I am going to celebrate. This Saturday is out 60 day cheat day. Am I excited about eating some junk food? Yes! But I'm going to have a better approach then I did last time. I'm going to take it slowly and try not to over due it. But I do know what I want to eat this Saturday:

1. Chips: chips have always been my favorite foods. I want Salt and Pepper Kettle chips.
2. Pizza: I'm a pizza whore. I love pizza, I love cheese and bread and tomato sauce. But maybe I'll go for just a slice this time and not..the...whole...thing...
3. A Bagel: On my way to work, I'm going to get a celebratory bagel. They were always my favorite breakfast foods! And I'm going to enjoy it! Maybe with some light cream cheese.
4. Frozen Yogurt: I think I will top off my day with a cup of frozen yogurt. It's my favorite and while we did try coconut ice cream, nothing will ever replace froyo.
5. Beer: If the weather is nice, I want to find a patio and drink a beer on it. I am such a beer drinker that it's killing me not to have any. 

In the end, I'm proud of myself. It's the small wins that lead to big success and I'm going to take this small win.

Be sure to check out From My Kitchen, With Love for all the great paleo recipes I've been trying! 

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