Wednesday, June 27, 2012

30 Days: Day Eleven.


     Funny you should ask! I actually miss a lot of things but I won't go on and on about all of those things...there's just one little thing that popped into my mind first!

My mom put underwear on was hilarious. 

The first time mom met Chaey. She was so cute!

Always so happy.

The first day she stood after her surgery. I was so happy to see her moving around.

I just wish I could cuddle her again!

      This is Chasey. She is my little pup and I miss her dearly. I got here my junior year in college because I was in a really awful relationship and I honestly wanted something else to focus my love on. And boy, did it work!!! About a year after I got her, I realized that she was a Blue Heeler and needed a LOT of room, more then I could give her. The two walks a day and nightly trip to the dog park just wasnt enough!
      I ended up letting her stay with my mom and dad and their 3 acres of land and their chickens and ducks and happy dog places. She was much happier there :)
      In October of 2010 she got hit by a car. She was in the hospital for three days and it was the longest three days of my life. She had broken the bones in her "elbow," which is just that tiny joint on her right back leg. After three days of number crunching, crying and something short of completely losing it, I came to the realization that I wasn't going to be able to afford the surgery, even with help from my parents. 
     I remember that day, the emotions, the slow time, everything I felt. My parents drove me to the hospital to say good bye to her. My mom and I sat in this little room with two arm chairs and some warm-n-fuzzy pictures on the wall. My dad had to leave the room. 
      Chasey got wheeled in on a little doggy stretcher and she was so happy to see us she was wiggling around and licking everything she could get her little mouth near! I remember this sinking feeling in my body, everything was moving slowly and I couldn't imagine this was happening. I mean, she kept bringing me a little ball because she wanted to play, how would that not break your heart?? 
      I hear feet walking down the hall towards us and I started freaking out. A woman entered the room, someone I hadn't met yet. She introduced herself and told my mom and I that she has heard of our story, looked over the charts and the money parts of it. She told me that there's a fund that people donate to and in extreme circumstances, she decided where the money will be used.
     Long story short, she told me that the hospital will pay for the operation to amputate Chasey's leg so she can live. I'm pretty sure I was shaking from crying, my mom was crying, everyone was crying. It was a long, long healing process but she pulled through so quickly. And now, she's just like any normal dog! I miss her everyday that I'm away and I hope that someday I can bring her to where I am and we ca grow old together!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I was almost in tears in the middle of that story! Chasey is gorgeous and I'm so relieved that she recovered :) must be hard without her but at least she is still there so you can visit her and hopefully have her living with you one day :)

  2. OMG a tear is coming down my face, while reading I rwally thought you missed her because she couldn't get the surgery and oh sorprise she is alive and happy, is a very sweet story, pets really are a huge part of a family and make pur lives complete.