Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guilty Pleasure.

So lets chat about guilty pleasures today.
Those things you indulge in when nobody else is around.
Your SSB, as Carrie would say.
Your Secret Single Behavior.
We all have it, whether we're single or in relationships.

Not only do I have SSB's...
I have SST.


There are shows that I love to watch when Jacob isn't around.
Most of the time he'll make fun of me later,
when he sees what was recently viewed on Hulu or Netflix.

I mean, who doesn't love 16-17 year old girls from the Midwest spending daddy's money, solving murders and all while wearing outfits that belong in Sex and the City?
I'm behind one season though! AH!

I never watched this show growing up but now I'm addicted!
Man life was easy back then!

I love Christina Applegate.
She's friggin hilarious.
This cast is hilarious.
Who doesn't love when a hot, mean girl looses her memory in a car crash and comes back to her life trying to be a better person?!

It's musical theater.
That's all I need to say.

What are your guilty pleasure, SSB TV shows??


  1. I have never been into the typical teen shows... gossip girl, jersey shore, whatever else there is... but I love pretty little liars! I always forget how young they are though. This summer season they are starting senior year of high school... yet they always act like they are older than I am.

  2. I was totally into Pretty Little Liars but haven't had the urge to watch it this season! Don't know why! It's hard for me to keep up with those kind of shows

  3. got to see Pretty Little Liars series as soon as possible!

    kisses dear