Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Family Ties

Aaaaaand I'm back!

As I've mentioned, family was in town the past few days 
and I honestly feel like I've been gone for years...

So on that note, lets recap a wonderful weekend!
(This is my attempt to keep my weekend going for just a few seconds longer!)

Coconut Latte.

PeelsNYC. Best. Brunch, Ever.

Jacob in 50 years.

My fave ever.

I love food. 



Taproom # 307

Fried pickles and wings. <3

Oh New York. You're so beautiful.

Beer Tasting!


Water rides WHILE it's raining...true Oregonians! 


My greatest fear.

We did so much this past weekend!
I'm pretty sure we ate our weight in fried food
and beer BUT it was such a great time!

And a huge milestone for me!
I rode my FIRST EVER roller coaster!
My whole like I told people I was scared of them
when secretly I'd never actually ridden one!
So we went to Lake Compounce and I rode this:

Okay, I swear it was scarier then it looks here.
It's the oldest coaster on the East Coast...or something!
It had a 115 foot drop that almost 
made my heart stop.
I had my eyes closed the entire time.
Screamed a lot.
And clung to Jake's arm like
white on rice!

It was an excellent weekend and it was a much needed
vacation from life.

Now it's time to focus on the future!
Job hunting!
Apartment searching!
Here we come!

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