Tuesday, July 17, 2012

30 Days: Day Twenty Five.


To be honest, right now may be an interesting time to go through my purse! With the move last week, I used my purse as a sort of catch-all for the random items left in the apartment. Lets just say that it had to be searched as I went through security at the airport because there were so many things in it...

Sadly it seems that I may have cleaned out my purse just before this post! But there still are some strange items in here. 

Starting at the top: my wallet, which I hate because my license gets stuck in the little window pocket and it takes me AGES to get it out when I am carded...which is less and less these days...Do I look that old?! (just kidding), a deck of playing cards in which I wrote 52 Reasons Why I Love You on them for Jacob for Valentine's Day, a sphere chap stick, orange cream lip butter...best lipstick ever...Wet'n'Wild bright red lipstick, a jump drive with all of Jacob's work on it, a jumbo Sharpie, my glasses, some random keys that I think go to Jacob's mom's house, gum that I bought yesterday in order to have change for the subway, my camera and some weird bike tool.

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  1. love ESOS lip balm too. I have a million of those scattered around my room and bags.