Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Alright, ya'll! Lets have a great July 4th! I'm glad t still be in the country for this! Man, wouldn't it be weird to be in Canada for July 4th?!

     After I post this, I'm jumping in the shower and heading to a beach BBQ bash in a neighboring town with some of Jacob's work pals. I have yet to have a beach day here on the east coast so I'm excited! Should be fun! While the weather calls for thunderstorms, it's already 81 degrees and humid. Lets hope no drops come down!

     I thought it may be appropriate to maybe name some things I'm thankful for on this Independence Day! 

1. Family: Of course! I love my family and I am thankful that I have such a great one, no matter how small! But it sure is growing! To the Carpenter's back west, miss you guys!

2. Friends: No matter how far away you all are, I still love you and miss you! Be safe today!!

3. Jacob: Babe, you're awesome. I'm so grateful to have a guy like you!

4. My education: I'm thankful to have my education because it could be a lot worse in other parts of the world, am I right?!

5. The Change: I'm thankful that things are changing, not just in our country, but in the world. We've been having these internal battles for power and control but I think we've forgotten what being a free nation is all about!! We should be thankful that we're not like some other parts of the world and work together to change the things we don't like. It's our country, is it not?!

Happy 4th, you guys! Be safe, be thankful and be mindful of your actions!


  1. Wow are you moving to canada, When?

  2. Happy 4th of July! Great list, hope you had fun at the beach! :)


  3. Happy last 4th of July in the states!