Tuesday, July 10, 2012

30 Days: Day Twenty.


My college mentor and I on graduation day!

I remember growing up and everyone saying that college is the best four years of your life. Well sh!t, I never thought they'd all be right!

I think education is probably one of the most important things out there. I know where are ways to get around without it and get a good job, but that's now why I think education is important. Education has a way of opening up not only your mind, but your feelings, your experiences, the way to accept things, people and ideas. It changed the girl I was into the woman I am now. I learned so much from my time in college. I met so many people that changed me, attended so many classes that changed me and studied subjects that in high school, I would never of had interest in!

But college isn't the only education that's important. I believe high school and middle school are very valuable years. The only sad part is is kids in high school and middle school don't even realize it yet!! I taught some 7th graders in a low income school district how to have healthy relationships, right? My heart ached every single day because I wanted my kids to realize how important these few years are. All I can hope is that some make it out of there with bigger minds, bigger hearts and an idea of how important their lives are.

All in all, education isn't only good for a job (mostly because I'm 2 years out of college and I still don't know what I want to be....) But it's important to your character. 


  1. I completely agree that education is important to your character! And college really was the best years of my life (so far!) I love people who value education the way I do! XO

  2. I also agree that university is such a crucial time! I had a blast but it also a lot of work. I also studies subjects that have formed who I am today. I started out in sciences then changed my major to sociology. After a 4 year degree I went back for another one (a 2 year in social work) and most recently completed my Masters of Social Work. The reason I think this is important is that I obviously did not know I wanted to be a social worker when I started, let alone working in a mental health hospital with people with addiction. I had no idea but am so thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to have an education. Even though I have the full-time job in my field now my education is never completed. I continue to learn from my clients, colleagues and through continuing education courses. Thankfully I know have more time for the "fun" education like art classes and stuff I didn't have time for these past few years. It's sooo worth it! Keep treckin ...

  3. Sweetie, I'm 42 years out and the question is still open.......i don't think that that's the point of it all!