Thursday, July 5, 2012



     Do you ever have those days where you just can't seem to stretch enough? Every time I move in my chair I end up stretching. I feel like there's all this built up energy in my muscles that can't seem to find it's way out. 
    But then...I can't seem to get out of this damn chair. Maybe it's not my muscles that need to stretch. Maybe it's my mind that needs to stretch out. I sit here watching the world around me from my desk and wonder, how will I get myself out of this chair
     I've been feeling, lately, like I'm in this remarkable place. I finally have this opportunity to make my moves into a career field that I want. The moment, the time you dream about, plan out, it's coming up. In one week. It's time to become this adult. I get to literally pick what I want to do long as I apply myself and am confident (which is always a problem for me...) and I, ya know, GET the job I apply for...I can't help but I ready? Can I do this?

     Anyone have any tips for this Nervous Nelly?


  1. It's all about taking small steps. Don't jump into anything if you don't feel ready or prepared. Figure out what it is that makes you tick then figure out the small steps to get there. That way it gets easier with each step you take, and confidence just comes naturally this way.

    I hope this little bit of advice helps. I've been in a similar place to you (and I know what you mean about stretching!).

  2. Good luck! I agree with taking things slow. You don't want to make rash decisions. Also make sure it's not all work and no play, like make some time for self care. I find my problem is that I accomplish something and then I'm automatically on to the next things. I never soak it in ... SO ... after one year of graduating and finally landing a permanent job as a social worker in a hosptial I am soaking it in! Take your time and enjoy your success!