Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Need a Good Book.


     I love to read. But I haven't been totally addicted to a good book since I blew through Hunger Games earlier this year. While I believe that asking people for book suggestions can be a tricky move, since many people like many, MANY different kinds of books, I thought I'd take the risk and ask anyway! 

   I really love all books. Mostly fiction, historical fiction or fantasy. I just love stories ya know??

What suggestions do you have for me?? What's your favorite book?


  1. fiction: The Alchemist
    non-fiction: Into Thin Air, Into the Wild
    overall favorite: Into Thin Air

    It was my first non-fiction love. You've got to read Into Thin Air!
    xo bhrett

  2. I've heard the alchemist is good (in response to that first comment) and I wish I read more for fun so I had better suggestions - oh The Help ...SO good! thats my most recent leisure read :)


  3. i'm reading the graceling series by cashore. it's pretty good and fantasy. it's ya.

  4. I just finished reading "A Prayer For Owen Meany" by John Irving and loved it SO much -- it made me laugh and cry (sometimes within a couple of pages).
    There's a website called GoodReads - it lets you make lists (yay!) of books you've read, your wish list, etc AND lets you see your friends' lists! I haven't started it yet (mainly cuz I don't want another internet addiction). Sounds like a good source for you though maybe!

  5. Little Bee - it pulls you in right away!