Friday, August 17, 2012

My Least Favorite Place.

Alright, ladies (And and occasional gentleman who stumbles across this) lets talk about employment. Or in my case, the lack there of. 


My employment started back when I was 16. I had just got a car and was feeling very happy and full of myself. I got my first job at Coldstone, the ice cream place where you have to sing if you get tipped. I loved it. Ice cream AND singing? I couldn't be happier.

Long story short, it didn't work out in the end and I found myself back on the job market. I was feeling better because I had actually had a job before and felt like I had the upper leg on a lot of other people. Little did I know that from that moment, it would only get harder to get a job.

Now I sit here, 8 friggin years later (friggin years because I just realized how long ago that was and am suddenly feeling quite old) I'm facing unemployment again. I think it's my least favorite place to be. And I have been in some very unfavorable places before.

Throughout my history in the work force, I have held some jobs that I didn't particularly like, but I kept them because I was lucky to have a job and should be thankful (this in actually not what I was thinking at the time but...well...trying to stay positive today).

 I think I've hit my wall. I've been unemployed for about six weeks and it has been the longest six weeks of my life. I've had a few bites at my fishing line but nothing has stuck. I've trekked over an hour on the subway for an interview and haven't received anything in return. I had an interview for an unpaid internship that would have been so good for me but, 3 weeks later, I haven't heard anything. Sigh.

So, as I stare at the now-purple links to help wanted ads on Craigslist, I wonder: Am I reaching the point where I will cross my line? Now my line is the line I've drawn between the jobs I think I'm either too old or over qualified for and the jobs that I normally apply for. I have applied, talked to and reached out to everything I know here in Toronto and I'm reaching the end of my rope.

I've literally been pacing my apartment, getting angry at the TV, straightening up things that aren't messy. I go to the gym because I get bored. Just waiting for someone to take interest in me. But am I reaching the place where I'll start applying for busser positions or counter service positions? I'm not afraid to say I am usually better then that but now that I have less then half as much money in my bank account as I need to pay my bills due in 6 days, I'm losing it. 

Guys, I think I'm desperate. I've done pretty good this week staying positive. But as the weekend approaches, I'm running out of positivity. I think this is the point in my life where I have to stop and ask for help.

Have any advise on either job hunting or how to stay positive?

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  1. You should look for a job agency, thats what my husband did when he moved to Canada, and he started to work two weeks later, is not the greatest job but it gives you something to pay the bills while you are still looking, also they take a cut of your paycheck the first three months (not much) after that is all yours :)