Monday, August 20, 2012

Thanks for the Cache!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!!! I did, it was actually a really great weekend!! I hung out with people, which is ridiculously exciting as I'm still trying to make friends and can be painfully shy, then got to go for a really long bike ride and ended the weekend with Geocaching! Lets start at the beginning.

On Friday, armed with some extra spending cash from my amazing boyfriend, I headed out into Toronto for the first time by myself! I met up with a girl I know from a Meet Up (a website which is basically a dating website but for friends! Look it up!) and we got together with some of her friends. It was really great for me to get out of the HOUSE. I usually spend all my time in the apartment so I go stir crazy really fast. This pictures is of blue Sangria, which is my new fave drink. It's regular white Sangria but add Blue Craucao for the color. So yummy!

Saturday I bothered Jake till we went to get my bike fixed. My mother has been bugging me to get a helmet so here it is ma! I actually haven't purchased it yet but once I get a job, it's the first on my to do list! We took a 5 hour bike ride that day and it was lovely! Here are some pictures:
View from the boardwalk.

Found these locks locked to a bridge, cute idea!

Bike riding!
The pond near the Butterfly Gardens. 

After our bike ride, it was time for some beers and some dinner! First we hit up a small local place in Etobicoke called the Relax Shack and boy were we out of place! It was so old and small that most of the people in the bar were stuck in the 1970's. But the beers were cold and the music was good. After a couple we headed home.

Then we headed north in Toronto to Yorkville, which is right above the University. We want to explore more of the side neighborhoods because downtown Toronto can get expensive! Then we kind of realized that everywhere in Toronto is expensive! We went a cute pub for dinner where I made friends with Phoebe the Fern! Please excuse my silly face, the flash was bright!

Damn, my hair is LONG!

On Sunday, Jake decided it was time to leave the city. We drove 50 minutes west to Mount Nemo Conservatory to go Geocaching! Geocaching is basically where someone hides a container with a little notebook and a little something (literally can be anything from a cute eraser to a keychain...just a little goodie or souvenir for your travels). Then they register the coordinates to the website and other people set out to find it! Okay, that sounds confusing but it's basically hide and seek. 

We wandered all over the forest with a compass (a handy app I downloaded onto my phone!) to find hidden treasure! I had always heard of Geocaching but never actually tried. It's free and a great adventure and literally everywhere

After a good 30 minutes of searching through a 20 foot square of dense forest, we found our first one! It was literally under a boulder! People kept looking at us funny but we were so happy when we found it! We exchanged that cute smilie face ball for some toe warmers! Then we returned it to the same spot and went off to explore and find another one!

Beautiful view!

We heading into this slightly creepy area for the second Geocaching experience. It looked like the ruins to an old quarry. And, alas, after about 30 minutes of searching everywhere and getting led into the middle of nowhere, we gave up. We couldn't find it! Blast!

Top of the ruins.
Looking down from the above picture! Steep.

After this defeat we found one more cache in which I claimed a cute pink parrot button for my own and replaced it with a green sparkly bow tie. Then two for three, we decided to try to find just one more cache before the sun went down.

The cavern was way cool!!

At the end of the day, we were 2 for 4, tired and dirty. Geocaching is my new favorite hobbie. it's free, which I love but it reminds me of being a kid again. Searching for hidden treasure, even though it's nothing valuable, that doesn't matter! If you're looking for something new to do, you should try this. It's great! I'm thinking that maybe I need to hide a cache in each new city that I move to! As my contribution to society!

What'd you do this weekend?? Would you ever try Geocaching?


  1. I'm really jealous of your weekend and would like a glass of blue sangria. I love how all the new things your trying are working out for you. Stay outside as much as possible:)

  2. What a fun weekend! I love all the little adventures!