Saturday, September 7, 2013

Other Worlds

I have been reading a lot. Not a lot in the writing department but a lot in the reading department. For my 25th birthday at the beginning of August, my sister bought me a Kindle Fire. There has been a big inner debate for myself on whether to give up and just purchase a Kindle or to hold out and continue to schlep my lovely, heavy, bulky books everywhere with me. 

Sadly and not-sadly, the Kindle won.

I was always under the impression that purchasing an e-reader meant giving up on books altogether but I have vowed that when I read a book I like, I will TWICE support the book by purchasing it for my Kindle then purchasing a hard backed cover for my ever-growing library. I want to be able to pass down books to my children and my grandchildren. I'm just hoping they have my taste in books!

Along with reading a lot for me comes the influx of creative ideas. I've been thinking more and more how I want to write a book someday. I think it would be a sort of historical fiction or fiction or something loosely based on my life. I am slowly compiling a little book of ideas for myself to keep track of the people I meet, the places I go, the names I like for characters, etc. 

I recently have developed an obsession with a house in Rogers, AR that I want my book (or one of the books I write) to take place in. I have also started jotting notes down about people I've met in the past and people around me now for characters. I'm continuing my journey through life and through this moving a lot process with an open mind. I think these years is what will make my book freaking awesome!

While I have updated my reading list, (check out that page here), I have read a few certain things recently that I enjoyed:

I really liked this book. It was the first one I bought on my Kindle for my birthday and I really liked it. It's just a series of little stories and personal adventures from Kaling but I found it enjoyable to read and easy to read. It was nice to see that someone so famous now had a pretty normal (or I guess abnormal in a funny way) upbringing. I think it makes celebrities more relateble and likable when they share their upbringing, especially one like her's which is full of mistakes and screw ups  It makes me feel like I'm right on schedule!

Being such a huge Hunger Games fan, I tentatively jumped on this bang wagon. But I'm glad I did! I read a lot of (or have starting reading a lot of) dystopian society books, mainly because I really feel that we will get there someday and by reading these I will have advance knowledge on how to handle situations like this (haha yeah right!) This series is both very similar and very different to Hunger Games. It's a bit more modern and addresses some societal flaws that I think are a little closer to home then those in Hunger Games. But don't get me wrong...I am forever faithful to Katniss and The Hunger Games family. 

I just started the second book in this series, City of Ashes. And I'm actually currently update because I was reading the books before I saw the movies (because, common, who doesn't do that?!) and I'm been trying really hard not to see any pictures or trailers from the movie while I'm still reading the books. I like to have my own images in my brain of what characters look like, etc. And by Googling for this picture, I totally saw some stuff I did NOT want to see!

But regarding the book itself, I'm starting to enjoy it. I dislike the main girl right now, Clary. I think she needs to grow a pair. But I think I just have a beef with most female leads in books. I always find them a little annoying, but it's not stopping me from liking the story. The idea that we're surrounded by people/worlds that we cannot see is really interesting to me. I like the concepts of the marks and the magic and am interested to see where it goes! But I've heard the movie is'll see! I'll still see it :)

That's what have been on my plate reading wise lately! Any suggestions??

Thursday, September 5, 2013


You know when you fall off the face of the planet and don't notice until it's been months since it happened??

That just happened to me...