Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Come on, Canada, lets be real.

So Jacob and I have been in Toronto almost three weeks now. While it feels like forever already there is one thing we keep noticing that's quite different up here. 

The beer.

Craft Beer.

So far, Jacob has been appalled by the beer here. He continues to order IPA's that don't taste like IPA's. He's been horrified. Me? Honestly, I'm totes cool with light beer. I don't really enjoy extremely hoppy beer so Canadian beer and I have been getting along great.

We were in LCBO, which is Canadian for liquor store, and looking at beer. They were mostly pilsners or lagers. Jake wanted something rich, flavorful and hops filled. Eventually he located a warm 6 pack of Hoptical Illusion and we waltzed home, me cradling my lager while he mumbles about IPA's. 

We got to chatting on the walk home about why he hasn't been able to find any beers he likes so far. We thought maybe the hops crops here aren't as abundant in Canada as they are in the States. Maybe it's too cold? Maybe they don't know any better? Maybe we're just stuck in a country where beer is light? (which again, I do not mind)

But after a bit of reading, I am sad to announce to Jacob but we are wrong. Canadian's love their beer, thinking it almost superior to American beer (to which I laugh). They pride in hops and craft beers here, however, they do prefer the lighter, lager taste.

So my conclusion? I will set off on a beer adventure! I will venture out, obvio with Jacob, to discover the best beers in Canada! We will find Jacob his IPA if it takes a whole year of drinking!

If you are from Canada or know Canadian beers, do you have any suggestions?? I couldn't honestly tell you what ones we've tried because they all have weird a$$ names and there's a lot of French involved...

Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Still Here.

Just taking a break from researching trending Jewish wedding ideas for work to stop in and tell you: I'm still here. Just taking some personal time, I think. This wasn't a totally conscious idea, actually. I think I just ran out of things to say. And any blogger will tell you, sometimes that's alarming!! So here are a few pictures I've been taking with Instagram. Follow my adventures! @FreyaLily88

Last night, Jake and I BBQed on the roof. I got to sit in the sunshine, drink a Brooklyn lager (closest to an American beer they got up here...weak sauce...) and look at the CN Tower. 

I wore a black dress with a yellow belt. I felt pretty.

The night life lights the blossoms, so pretty.

The special: Creemore Lager $14 a pitcher. And that's on special?!

We finally bought a milk jug...so we don't have to keep our milk in the blender.

I went to a Jazz Festival. Lots of French inspirations.

We found Rogue Dead Guy at the liquor store! But it was $20 for a 6 pack. Man. Imported.

How was your weekend???

Friday, July 27, 2012


Something you don't know about me...

...I have a bitter past with farmers markets. Yes, yes it's true and, at the ripe old age of almost 24, I've come to terms with it actually. My mother took to running a farmers market a long time ago and since then, I've had a love-hate relationship with the thing.

Not to say that I am not proud of my mother. Because I am. She's worked so, so very hard. 

So I voted for her market this morning, the Oregon City Farmers Market to be exact. If you live in Oregon and you know me, or if you don't I don't know, then g to the site. Click Oregon and type in "Oregon City Farmers Market." 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Subway Diaries: Observation.

Dinner service.

The PM staff is obviously settling in for a long shift. They arrive one by one and all need to pass by me, seeing as I've positioned myself in the service corridor. 

I hear a coworker introduce his father to the other employees. It's extra interesting to me to hear the different accents in this region. It reminds me that everyone has a story. Everyone got here somehow. But how?

First I notice the couple across the bar. They order one beer each and pull out their phones. She's a bit old for pig tails yet wears them anyway. He looks tired, in that children-of-the-revolution kind of way. His earring and long gotee suggesting a 60's baby. 

Head in hand, she waits for him to finish his drink. They haven't said many words to each other. I start thinking about their relation to each other. 

They both are the uncategorizable kind, meaning they don't obviously belong to any one stereotype. I imagine she works at an alternative bar, one where mostly 'townies' venture. He probably runs a rock and roll record store, hiring punk girls who wear skinny jeans too tight to take off. He probably smokes weed. They probably like spending time with friends at a local bar, playing lost rock albums and debating world politics none of them know much about. They probably have a dog together, something straggly and small that wears a black bandana like it's a person. How hip.

With no one else within sight or eavesdropping, I finish my beer, swigging half of it down. I venture out back into the heat and head towards to tower. The homing beacon. 

Eleven Stories Above.

If you sit quietly, you can hear it. The breathing. In and out. In and out.

The walls sigh with each breath, letting out memories into the air like dust particles. In this place, the dust coats each surface. You can draw patterns in the cloudy gray; hearts, stars, smilie faces. They take shape in the matter. 

Murky shadows play on walls, hiding in reflections and peeking out behind light bulbs. I strain to hear sounds, to hear creaking boards or gusts of wind under doors. But the silence is immense. Nothing here is old. Nothing here as history.

It's strange to think how high up I am. Stacked on top of other people, sleeping, reading, stretching, all below me. And more above, too. Each life is unaffected by the next. They travel up and down in the elevator, pretending that no one is standing with them. That no one else lives on their floor. Steps quicken, hoping to leave the stranger behind them. Too afraid to make a connection, they lock the world out. They lock the building out. Pretending it's only them, suspended 11 stories above the city, if by magic.

What they forget is that the buildings are so close, they whisper secrets to each other. The buildings see everything. They see into and around and above and below. Giants. Their hundreds of eyes looking out, some aware and awake, others sleeping and still. They're so close, a person in one building can see straight into another. 

Light fixtures with silver shades cast light out over rows and rows of desks. One wall, lined with notice boards, leads into another room, dark in the late hour. The blinds are at such an angle, the window looks like a page from a pop-up book. Oh, the secret these eyes must see.

Seeing a flash draws me to the window. The sky is so bright, like someone turned the lights on the world. Just for a moment. So bright. The cloud above and stirring, constantly moving above the tower, which has changed to a solid blue. The glass is freckled with water, it's raining. I pull the curtains, joining the millions who believe I am alone in this world.

Another great flash brings me back to the window. Yanking the heavy cloth, I search the sky for the twisting ray of light, retreating back into it's dark cloud. I search for the origin of light, for Zeus. Just as quickly as it appears, it vanishes. One blink reveals that I am mistaken, I am not looking out on the sky. I am not eleven stories above the city, I am not settling into the night. I pull open the curtains and step out. 

To be continued...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are You Coming?

When you leave, I move to your side of the bed. When you're not home, I still move there. It makes me feel me closer.

I think of you all the time when we're apart. I wonder what you do, who you talk with, what you watch. I wonder who you are when I'm not around. When you're not around, I am not fully myself.

I look back, search back through all that has happened. Through the waiting, the tears, the smiles, the visits. I search back for the beginning. For when I let it all go and stepped onto my own path.

It was early fall, or mid fall. The idea of us had been played with. Dreamt about. But nothing put into action. I was having another spell, but you'd seen those spells before. I'd get reckless, disrespect myself, pretend to be happy. I was out of control, though few knew it. No direction, no purpose, not moving forward nor backward. Suspended in this constant state of unhappiness clouded by bottles of wine before bed. Just to sleep.

You called that day. I think hard of what your ring tone was back then. It changed with our changing status. I remember as clear as day where I was. At the top of the front stairs. Their fading gray paint always made me angry. Gray is no color for wood. 

Where you were was windy. You sounded out of breath and I imagined your cheeks red from cold. Quote will never come, some moments are so fleeting you only dream of remembering them in complete form. The conversation went something, paraphrased, like this:

-I signed with the company.
-That's really great, congratulations.
-That means I'm moving to the east coast after school.
-Are you coming?

I was sitting on the bottom floor of the stairs. I could feel little pellets of kitty litter under my feet. I was hung over and cold. Shivers spread through my whole body. I had made up my mind to do whatever it took to get there. It seems millions of miles away. Trillions. Life times. But it didn't matter. It had to happen.

We were two people living separately. Pretending not to be interested when it was all we could think about. I imagine a movie montage of our lives, running parallel. His last years of college, my first in the real world. Days going by seamlessly but nights spent staring at the sky through cracked shutters. Wondering what he's doing. Waking to the alcohol induced text at 5am. 

How we got from there to here is still fuzzy. It feels like it all happened yesterday. It feels like I'm an ocean away from who I used to be. It feels like I'm a completely different person.

If you asked me three years ago where I would be on 2012, I would never have told you here. I would never have pegged him.

Forever and always.

Thanks, Toronto.

Since I've moved to Toronto, I feel a subtle change within me. I've been feeling the need to be me again. To do what I'm interested in. To meet people I want to be friends with. To do what I want to. To be who I think I am.

I feel more motivated here. I feel like...like I'm able to pursue the things I believe in. As you can probably guess, I'm really into blogging, writing and social media. I don't know what all this started happening, somewhere in college I think, but it stuck. And I happen to be pretty good at it. So when I decided that it would be my career path, I knew that there would be some judgement to push through, some stipulations to manage, some confusion, on society's part not mine. 

I know it's not really a conventional choice but it's becoming more and more prevalent in my career field. It all began with journalism. I left theater randomly one day and decided that journalism was my path. And I love it. I love finding facts, seeking truths and sharing them. But man it's a hard world out there! So slowly, I turned from journalism and to blogging, social media and the fun stuff. But as of late, I want to go back to journalism. I want back into that club.

Maybe it's the 4 episodes of The Newsroom that has spurred something deep down and I honestly don't care how I got this motivation, I just got it. I've spent so much time keeping quiet, not sharing my thoughts or feelings and being slightly shy when people ask me what I'm all about. I am about writing. I am about social media. I am about journalism. I am about life.

I think people see "social media" and think I enjoy playing Farmville on Facebook all day. Boy, are you wrong! It's the new frontier, my friend! Get on the boat!

On that note, I've decided that if I want this, if I really want this and if I believe in myself, I will make it happen. Today marks a new day, kids. I am taking my life into my own hands and making it into what I want it to be. I don't care if I'm not supported, I will get there. I am smart, I know what I'm doing and I need to stop cutting myself short.

That's all I have right now. I think I'm subconsciously taking a break from blogging right now. I've been spending a lot of time reading, both books and the news. I'm starting to feel empowered again. I'm starting to feel challenged again.

Thanks, Toronto.

Monday, July 23, 2012

THe Subway Diaries: The Bar.

At the bar.

Before reaching a destination, clothing must be changed. I finally make it home before my capri's are sticking to my skin. You know it's hot when you have to peel off jeans. Gross.

After donning my favorite black shorts and a loose yellow tank, I find a bar not too far from my apartment.

Ironically, there aren't too many bars in the Financial District. You'd think all good bankers would want a cold beer before dealing with the Mrs...or Mister, I don't know.

A few sticky blocks brings me to the Black Bull on Queen West and Peter. Jacob and I passed it a few nights ago as we wandered back from El Trompo on Augusta. It appeals to me because of it's huge patio. I'm the summer gal who hates movement in heat but enjoys a nice cold beer while occupying a patio table, preferably with some pals but as of late, they are hard to come by.

The place has potential to be a good neighborhood pub, but all that depends on the nightly crowd. It's like someone took a small pub and ballooned it. Yellow walls surround the rom, halved by black molding. Brass and wood adorn each table while old beer signs and neon lights line the open, yellow spaces.

The floor looks beaten down, light brown in places and dark in others. I'll assume it's popularity at the abundance of tables both inside and out at 4:24 P.M on a Monday. It's not even Happy Hour yet.

As usual, I'm hesitant to walk in. I have this ridiculous fear of looking stupid. It's ridiculous because nobody knows I look stupid unless I allow them to know. Life is acting, isn't it? Basically pretend you know what the hell you're doing and everyone will assume likewise.

I follow closely to a group of young people, about my age. I wish I were joining their group. Soon I may develop a group of my very own. 

I spot the bar at the back and head that direction. My faux leather purse is sticking to my arm and if I don't cool down son, I may die. I order a Coors Light (an import that makes me laugh) and settle in for an afternoon of doodling and observing. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Girls Life.

This morning, Jacob and I had the task of finding a magazine for his sister for her birthday. For her 30th 7th birthday. It's hard trying to find a gift for a sassy, independent, smart 7 year old without trapping her in childhood or propelling her into teen life. 

It was difficult. After Googling "best magazines for a 7 year old," we obtained a list that was interesting to read. It was between wholesome, all-American goodness and fashionista wanna-be's. Neither fit her. 

Eventually we found one that dabbled in a little of both but upheld some childhood values but what I kept thinking about were those little girls who do read CosmoGirl or ElleGirl way to young. 


Do you think exposing young girls to media like this at a young age really matters? Is there a problem there?

I remember what I was a tween and I would see my friends reading these magazines or see them on the rack at the store, I wanted that so badly! I wanted to be just like the girls on the cover. But mom wouldn't get them. 

In retrospect, I'm glad she didn't. I think that, if exposed at a young age, these magazines can be toxic to young girls. 

What do you think??

Friday, July 20, 2012

Being Frank.

So you know how most blogs are really happy and glitter filled and we all love that because we all really want our lives to be happy and glitter filled but in reality we all have rants, bad days and negative spurts?? Okay well here's one from me and I hope it's the only one I have today because it's only 7:30 in the morning.
(Note: this isn't going to be a funny post, I'm actually talking about a shooting that happened this morning in Colorado.)

Something maybe you should know about me: I'm obsessed with the news. Not like political news or event news, I'm obsessed with crime. Don't ask me why but I am fascinated with violent crimes. 

On that note, I wake up this morning to a news program all about a shooting in Colorado at a movie theater during the opening showing of Batman. What I gathered was that a man, heavily armed, kicked in the emergency exit and opened fire on a full movie theater. So far, 14 people have been killed and 50 have been hurt. Included in those numbers was a 6 year old child and a 3 month old baby.

It just makes me so...frustrated when I hear things like this. What is so wrong with people in my country that compels them to do this? I just don't get it. I just do not get it. How did this man had the access to serious guns and explosives? Why did he fell that it was okay to enter this FAMILY EVENT and just shoot people at random?

I do not like violence, I don't like guns or even knives. I hate that my country is so...untrustworthy of each other that we feel the need to arm ourselves. Does that not say anything? Why are we so shocked when things like this happen?? No wonder when I'm waiting for the subway or walking down the street and I see someone acting weird or a strange looking man yelling a lot and looking really angry that I get nervous. I've been trained to be nervous. But I don't want to be nervous. 

I don't really know what the purpose of this post is. I don't feel better for venting a little bit. I'm sad that this happened to these families. I'm sad this happened in my country and I'm sad that there's such a crazy rift in my society.

I hope this man, who they arrested with no problems, has a good story to tell, has good reason. I hope he is completely delusional. I hope someone gets closure. I hope he gets the death penalty. 

It's such a shame to me that someone with so many problems just ruined so many lives. 

That's all I have. I need to move on now.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Subway Diaries.

Day One.

St, Andrew: My Subway Station.

I could ride the subway all day if I could. Only if I knew where the bad neighborhoods were, so I don't get off at those stations or overstay my transit welcome. The subway has the highest turn over of strangers that I've ever seen. More so then the bar on a busy, fall Saturday. Anyway it's easier to eavesdrop on the subway. Mostly.

People sit in clumps. Couples towards the middle of the car, singles towards the edges. They do this and there's little interaction between riders. The couple protect each other by being their companion. Singles suddenly find their hands/phones/iPods/books really interesting. What if your subway fare was to have a conversation with someone. I wonder how that would go.

The wheels make a deathly sounding screech against the track. We all hear it. A girl in skin colored shorts and a mint green t-shirt grimaces at the sounds. Or maybe she grimaces at her too tight shorts. I personally don't think they're too tight. At least she's small. I've seen worse. Don't judge. You know you have too.

A young guy gets on my car. We hit the Museum station, nobody else gets off. He sits in front of me, closes his eyes and focuses on the ear buds he looks permanently attached to. He's wearing a white G.Star Raw DNM shirt. What the hell is that? I'm still baffled by the differences I see between here and home. 

I glance right. My reflection looks back at me from the dark corridor. St. Patrick station is next. I add a tick mark to the top of my page, my way of keeping track of where I am. Nine stops between home, St. Andrew, and work, Eglinton West. 

I get off at my stop, happy that I have mastered the subway in one day. It's 4 P.M. It' time for a drink.

30 Days: Day Twenty Six.


Oh man, this is going to be fun!! There are so many things that I like that Jake says is weird...well not a lot but it's still funny!


Pickles. No, it's not weird to like pickles but it's weird to like them as much as I do. I will full up drink the juice from the friggin JAR! I love them so! Whenever we go to Quizno's I always take advantage of their free pickle bar. I could eat them all day. In fact, I want one now!

I honestly couldn't think of other weird things that I like until this moment. It's a day later, I started this yesterday at work.

I like, no I LOVE, when I'm done with the gym and I go to get in the shower and realize that I need to wash my gym clothes NOW, meaning, I am one smelly gym goer! To me, that proves that I worked out hard, ya know?? The sweatier and smellier I am, the happier I am...overall, I'm like cheese. If I smell, I'm good!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feeling Very Full.

Of myself, that it. I'm feeling very full of myself at the moment because, as I type this, I am sitting at my new internship in Toronto.

Not only have I moved thousands of miles outside my comfort zones in pretty much every single sense of the friggin word (and been pretty successful...), I have taken my first step (besides this here blog) towards developing a career!

I am now part of the team that manages and runs the social media for an up and coming website in Toronto! Although it's my first day and I have yet to get annoyed with a client or customer or (God forbid) boss, I'm still pretty positive.

The only other thing that makes me things happy (besides the wildly successful and dangerously handsome boyfriend) is this:

30 Days: Day Twenty Five.


To be honest, right now may be an interesting time to go through my purse! With the move last week, I used my purse as a sort of catch-all for the random items left in the apartment. Lets just say that it had to be searched as I went through security at the airport because there were so many things in it...

Sadly it seems that I may have cleaned out my purse just before this post! But there still are some strange items in here. 

Starting at the top: my wallet, which I hate because my license gets stuck in the little window pocket and it takes me AGES to get it out when I am carded...which is less and less these days...Do I look that old?! (just kidding), a deck of playing cards in which I wrote 52 Reasons Why I Love You on them for Jacob for Valentine's Day, a sphere chap stick, orange cream lip butter...best lipstick ever...Wet'n'Wild bright red lipstick, a jump drive with all of Jacob's work on it, a jumbo Sharpie, my glasses, some random keys that I think go to Jacob's mom's house, gum that I bought yesterday in order to have change for the subway, my camera and some weird bike tool.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bleached Thoughts.

Someday I want to be able to write in the dark, without lights, without seeing.
Just transfer thoughts into words without the harsh glare of a light 
to ruin them first. 
Thoughts in the dark are so...vulnerable. 
Raw. Fresh.
Light will bleach the thought before it reaches paper, taking away all its meaning, 
all its real meaning.

People can speak the truth in the dark.
When they're with someone, whether it someone close to them 
or someone new.
Being in the dark allows someone to tell their deepest, darkest secrets or most shameful truths. 
Or most beautiful stories.
Or even their most favorite moments, those they normally don't share.

Darkness dulls our instinct to judge because we can only hear 
what we're told and explore that in our own imagination. 
We cannot see the emotions those thoughts bring to the person 
exploring that thought.
We form our own opinions based upon what we, ourselves, feel sitting there in the dark, essentially alone, 
with nothing but a disembodied voice for company, come to find.

These are the times when I believe the best words are spoken.
I lay in bed myself thinking of things I wish I could record 
but are too afraid to turn on the light.
It will wash away the true meaning and emotion behind what I feel.
And with that, I turn off my light. 
I don't want to bleach my thoughts any more tonight.

Soon it'll be the time when I can share them with you, in the dark, just two people, thinking.

Written for Jacob on my cell phone at night. 

30 Days: Day 24


This is pretty freaking easy to answer right now. Since I've been in Toronto all of 20 hours, I have a lot on my list of places to visit!

Price Edward Island.

I have always wanted to visit Price Edward Island. Ever since I was a little girl, reading Anne of Green Gables in my tree fort and dreaming of a life of adventure, Pioneer skirts (which was my childhood term for a long skirt to play in), cabins and the 'olden days,' I have wanted to visit this place. Now that I'm in the country, I feel it's appropriate!

Ibiza, Spain.
Ibiza. I mean, common. What else do I need to say?! I've always wanted to go to Spain and I've heard really awesome things about Ibiza. The beaches, the food, the culture, the music. It all sounds amazing!

Easter Island.

Easter Island always has had an appeal to me for years. I think it's just so interesting!! The history!!

Those are just a few places. Of course I have more on my Wish List but I don't want to keep you all day!!

Any suggestions for cool places to visit???

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Magazine Hunting.

One of my favorite things about summer is traveling. One of my favorite things about traveling (and actually summer as well) is the one chance in the year that it's okay to buy trashy magazines!!

I love getting a new magazine and looking through it, picking out outfits, cool purchases and make up ideas that I would usually not look into. It's fun to dream, right?!

Well I actually have a subscription to Redbook (thanks to Jacob's company...) so I get to indulge every month! But I saved my new issue for the plane ride to Toronto. They have this cool section that's called 50 Under 50 that I'm totally addicted to. So on the plane, I picked out the items I'm actually interested in looking into! Here's what I found:

I first liked this black and white striped skirt from Mandee for $19.99. Sadly, it doesn't look like they have online shopping so I'll have to wait till I'm back in the States to find a store! If it's near you, go check it out and let me know!

Ironically, the second thing I liked were these belts from Mandee as well. And guess what, $5 each! Man I wish there was a Mandee store near me! Good find, Redbook!


What a great addition to a summer wardrobe!!! This raspberry dress is from Forever 21 and is on my must-have list, especially since it's only $19.80! Steal!

I loved these earrings by Sophia Vergara. Purple is my new black. I love purple and I'm trying really hard to get into gold. I think gold is a really soft color and adds that summer warmth to any outfit. You can find these at K Mart for $9.99!

I had to put all of my handbags into storage when I moved this week so I'm looking to get a few good bags for the year and this caught my eye. Rainbow Shops may be my new favorite site. I mean this bag is only $12.99! I think I may be onto something here! Thanks Redbook!

Let's face it. Nautical is in, baby! And I'm pretty excited about expanding my wardrobe to encompass this look. Maybe starting with this Capelli New York scarf for $9.95? I think yes!

Going with this nautical theme are boat shoes, which have been blowing UP this season I think! I see them everywhere and need to get a pair. I've heard they are really comfortable!!! These go for $17.60 on Go Jane.

Lastly, I saw this shirt that I love! One of the main reasons that I like it, besides that bright fun colors, is that fact that it looks pretty loose. In the summer, I'm a huge fan of loose clothing. It's hot and everyone gets a little sweaty. Tight shirts are a pain!! You can find this little number at Marshall's for $9.99! Steal, again!

What are some of your favorite summer finds??? Are you a magazine hunter or do you go into the trenches??


Well we made it! But that's obvio because I've already posted about my moving problems!! We've been out and about a little bit this weekend but spent most of our time getting everything set up and in order. I can't move somewhere and go party without my house being in order. I can't do it. But here are some pictures I snapped throughout the city this weekend!!

View from our apartment. Home of the Blue Jays!

I <3 EDM.

We spent a few good hours at the St Lawrence Market on Saturday. It is huge and it was packed with vendors and people. The food looked and smelled incredible. I was in complete heaven all day. There are some pictures I took while wandering around, trying to figure out what the heckola to buy!

You know it's fresh!

Best kinds of carrots.

My new fave way to spend Saturdays!

Fun story about their beer selection. 1. I noticed it's a lot of imports. 2. I forgot the drinking age up here is younger...I was confused why there were so many young looking people in the liquor store. 3. They sell beer by the singles! And mostly tall boys. WOO!

So much seafood!

Holy crab legs!

Best selection of veg!

Greek Fries. I could eat these every day.

This is all I have so far. I'll be posting stories and pictures as they come up! Tomorrow I have a lot of time to myself and I'm hoping to get out and do some exploring for myself!!!

Anyone from Toronto have any suggestions on where to check out??

The Trouble with Moving.

Oh my gracious, it's been so long since I blogged!!! Thanks for letting me take a break, however, I needed to get this whole moving thing in order!

As you may know, last week I moved from New Haven, Connecticut to Toronto, Ontario. It was a long week. Sorting, piling, cleaning, packing. While it was a stressful time, I def had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad moment amidst all the moving.

Uh oh.

As you can tell, this is going to be a story about my dishwasher.

It was midnight on Tuesday. I had been working on moving all day and the day before. Jake and I were almost done with one room and the movers were coming in the morning. Everything had to be ready. 

As I moved into the kitchen to start sorting, I loaded the dishwasher, because all of the dishes needed to be clean for packing. After putting in the soap, I moved onto cleaning out the fridge.

I don't know how much time passed but I turned around and the floor was covered in bubbles. Turns out, I had put the wrong soap in the dishwasher. Now you've seen this is movies, many times, right?? I had no idea that putting the wrong soap in the dishwasher would turn out so bad!!

It took me about half an hour to get the dishwasher back to normal. I had to scoop out all of the bubbles, BY HAND, and run the dishwasher a few times with vinegar to get all the bubbles out. 

I was horribly upset and Jake thought it was terribly funny. I remember threatening him with, "Don't you f%$#ing tell anyone about it, I will KILL you." But I've come to terms with the moment. I was just tired and ready for bed and wanted all the moving to be done!

This was probably the second worst moment about moving...there were a few more....

Coming soon....

Friday, July 13, 2012

30 Days: Day 23


Cup Cakes.


Ice Cream.

If you cannot guess, the thing I crave the most out of everything on this planet is dessert. There is something so...satisfying about having a great dessert. It's just the best ending to a great meal, the best pick me up for a hard day and, for me, my favorite treat when I feel I deserve something good!

The only hard thing is that desserts are basically like the worst thing to eat, besides deep fried stuff. One day, desserts will be good for you and I will be 20 lbs lighter!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

30 Days: Day 21.


Alright, I thought I wouldn't be posting today BUT since there are three men packing away my life and I'm not even aloud to help...I need something to do. I'm such a control freak that I'm terrified they're going mess something up! 

Wanna know something cliche that makes me so happy?? Rom Coms. I love romantic comedies. They make me so happy.

Rom Coms

I have a very, very active imagination. On top of that, I've always been something of a romantic. Whenever I'm feeling down or sad or even blissfully happy, I love watching a romantic comedy unfold. Before I found myself in a wonderful relationship, I idolized rom coms because it was everything I wanted to have. Watching women "just like you" fall in love, go on adventures and end up super happy, I mean who doesn't want that?!

Rom coms are a way for my heart to be happy without anyone knowing it. I love watching them on Tuesday's when Jacob is at work (except now I have to mix up my schedule since his wok schedule is changing, boo). The only way he would know I was watching them is by our "recently watched" on Netflix, hee hee. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Moving On.

Hey blogland-

As I sit here, I am surrounded by the remains of my Connecticut life. After three days, three LONG days, we finally have everything sorted. I'm waiting for the moving company to get here so we can start hauling this crap outta here!!!

Just wanted to stop in a say that I won't be posting for a  few days. Today we move everything out, tomorrow I clean the apartment then tomorrow evening we drop our car into storage and hitch a ride to LaGuardia where we will leave America behind for a year and become ex-patriots! That sounds so fancy!!

I'm excited for what is to come and not looking forward to saying good bye to another chapter of my life. Man these chapters are sure flying by!!!

See you in a few days with some pictures of the wreckage, the move and our transition into CANADA!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

30 Days: Day Twenty.


My college mentor and I on graduation day!

I remember growing up and everyone saying that college is the best four years of your life. Well sh!t, I never thought they'd all be right!

I think education is probably one of the most important things out there. I know where are ways to get around without it and get a good job, but that's now why I think education is important. Education has a way of opening up not only your mind, but your feelings, your experiences, the way to accept things, people and ideas. It changed the girl I was into the woman I am now. I learned so much from my time in college. I met so many people that changed me, attended so many classes that changed me and studied subjects that in high school, I would never of had interest in!

But college isn't the only education that's important. I believe high school and middle school are very valuable years. The only sad part is is kids in high school and middle school don't even realize it yet!! I taught some 7th graders in a low income school district how to have healthy relationships, right? My heart ached every single day because I wanted my kids to realize how important these few years are. All I can hope is that some make it out of there with bigger minds, bigger hearts and an idea of how important their lives are.

All in all, education isn't only good for a job (mostly because I'm 2 years out of college and I still don't know what I want to be....) But it's important to your character.