Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Something New.

      I'm going to try something new here. Something I don't think I've done in a long while. I usually wake up in the morning and lay in bed, listening to Jacob thundering around in the kitchen or closet getting ready for work. Well that's a partial lie: he tries to be quiet but something, I think he just forgets. He likes when I get up with him, plus I should do it anyway, it's way easier then when the house is quiet again. But anyway...

     I wake up in the morning and try to think of something super cute, super trendy, super something to blog about. Whether it's a DIY about wreath making (which seems to be my specialty...) or a new recipe for pancakes or some monochromatically inspired fashion post, I keep trying to follow blog-suit, to blog about what I think other would want to read about. But then I started thinking, after my brunch with Brandi in DC, that that is not what blogging is all about, is it? I started blogging as a way to share who I am, the ideas I have, the inspiration I have, not sharing what I've seen on other blogs and pretending that it's my own. So I thought I'd try something new today. I thought I'd try to share what's on my mind right now.

     I have a slight feeling that this post will be long, but I can always go back through and edit it, right??? It's been a long, long time since I've just sat down to see what comes out. I used to journal a lot, something I'm trying to get back into. I started when I tried dating a guy who was 10 years older then me and was HIV positive, something I can address later if anyone wants to hear that story, I had no one to talk to about it so I started writing it down. Then my journal grew into a third arm when I was in therapy and here I am now, two dozen later.

      But it wasn't since I was addicted to journaling that I've let myself sit down and just let it all out. I'm working on some new segments for my blog that I hope will stick and actually work out. I tried the Dinner with Alice bit and I liked the concept, but it didn't turn out as...creative as I thought. The concept I came up with was to research a certain kind of cuisine and find out why it's the way it is. For example, why is Indian food a lot of saucy entrees usually over rice? What was around them geographically or what happened to them culturally that evolved their food into that? But it just didn't stick. I want something more...me.

     So I've started compiling a list of things I'd personally like to explore. Brandi helped me see this. We were at this place called Open City in DC and it was so very precious. The kind of cafe that I could probably live in, being all hipster and India, sitting at a table with my glasses, coffee and journal observing life and making a living writing about it. Man, that would be cool. Anyway, I told her I really love creative writing. More so then anything. I would have gotten a degree in it if I wasn't obsessed with journalism in college. I also expressed my deep, growing love for bloody mary's. She suggested that once a week, I post a creative writing piece of my own. Something I either wrote that week or at some point in my life. Then she also suggested that I post a bloody mary of the week, since I have a bazillion pictures on my phone, all different BM's. 

      Getting to the point here...these suggestions would all be something I love, things I'm good at and things that would make my blog feel more like...well...me! And what I'm getting at is that isn't that the point?? We're suppose to be sharing who we are because we're awesome individually and even better when we're in the community of the blogging world!!! Well, world both blogging and otherwise, look out. I'm finding out more and more about myself that I want to share and I will!! It's a growing process, right??

     If you stuck this post out, thank you and congrats! You've reached the end. It's people like you that inspire me and that make me feel like my life is jut important enough to share. Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday and share your feelings below!

And here's a tune I'm SUPER into right now!


  1. I think sometimes with blogging it takes a bit to figure out what it is YOU like writing about, mainly through trial and error. It sounds like you're on the right track here. Whatever it is you can't wait to tell your friends/family about is probably the stuff that would make a great blog post that reflects your personality. Good luck!!

  2. I honestly find more exciting read about the personal stories behind each blogger, yes all those recipes and DIY projects are fun, but there is nothing better than real life and the good and bad experiences that come with it.

  3. Hey,

    Yes, I read through this whole post. This is the kinda stuff i like to read about life and what people enjoy. I agree that we should post everyday just for the heck of having a post. I was starting to feel that in order for people to read my blog I would have to post everyday and it would have to be super interesting. Blogging started to feel like a job instead of something fun. Now I blog only when I feel like it or when I have something I want to share. I blog with the hope that there are people out there reading it. I will never know unless people comment but I'd like to think that there are many 'closet readers' out there!


  4. I love how open and honest you are in this post. :) Recently I've been thinking about how I really need to start a journal too. I created my blog as a place to write creatively and document design inspiration, but this year connecting with readers and other bloggers has become one of the most important, and rewarding, aspects.

    One of the habits I've tried to develop is having as much or more output as I do input into my mind. For example, I recognize that I constantly have things coming into my mind through books, music, TV, social media, etc and I so I try to write for my blog, or create art, or have thoughtful conversations, or keep a journal, or take photos as a creative a form of output from my mind. I feel that this is a good way to honor and develop my own mind and spirit, ideas and beliefs.

    Anyway, I'm inspired. Keep these kinds of posts coming!


    PS - Awesome song and video too!!!