Monday, July 2, 2012

Stepping Back In: DC

Happy Monday everyone!!
It's a great Monday for me because for the first
time in a long time, I am not opening the bar!

I'm sorry but there's nothing worse then a Monday at a bar.

I thought I'd step back into reality for a little while
and share some high lights from my weekend in DC!

Crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge. 

We arrived in DC about 9pm on Friday night.
After catching up a bit with friends, we headed to a bar
called the H Street Country Club.
As we got off the Metro and into a cab, DC was hit by
the most intense thunderstorm.
As we drove, street signs were being torn off poles.
Scaffolding was flying through the air like paper.
Trees were being thrown around like dolls and we watched
many power outages.
But we made it to the bar!
This picture is of my friend Lizzie and I after out 4 second run from
the cab to the bar.
It was raining THAT hard.

Playing mini golf at the bar.
One of the holes was themed Zombie Presidents!
I <3 Teddy :)

Saturday, as my friends slept in, I got up and navigated my way to
Open City in DC to meet up with Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary.
It was probably one of the best ideas of my life.
i'm at a cross roads and really needed to meet with a fellow blogger,
and not just any blogger!
I feel like Brandi and I really connected on different levels.
Go check her out!!

This is a picture of just one of the horrendously long
escalators taking me to the Metro platform.
Wanna hear the worst thing ever?
When I was on my way to meet Brandi, 
I had to CLIMB one of these bad boys....
I was slightly hung over...
and I was about 90 degrees.
No. Bueno.

The rest of Saturday was spent seeking refuge at the Smithsonian's 
Natural History Museum.
It was amazing!
I can't believe how many museums there ARE there!
While I could spend weeks wandering around,
I wasn't feeling it too much on Saturday.
It was hot, I was dehydrated and really tired.
I so not used to staying up late.

After a late lunch at a local Irish pub and a short nap
watching Ocean's 12, we headed to the east side of DC to see
Gareth Emery at Club Fur.
Man. It was probably one of the most amazing shows I've seen.
This is my life.
And I love it so.

After sleeping till 11:30, we pulled ourselves together
and braved the heat again to refuel.
We went to a little place called Blue 44,
and every single time someone said "Blue 44" 
all I wanted to say was "HIKE!"
or whatever they say in football...
I had Eastern Eggs Benedict which was a normal benedict
with a crab cake and fresh tomato.
It was incredible. And reasonably priced!!

We spent the rest of the day eating FroYo by the Zoo and watching America's Funniest Home Videos.
Jake and I braved the long 6 hour drive home and had a realy great time.
Sadly, this morning I had the hardest time getting up.
I really need to stop being so adventurous. 
It's exhausting.

9 days till TORONTO!

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