Monday, July 2, 2012

30 Days: Day Sixteen.


I'll use this picture because I think it's funny and I look really happy.

Oh boy, 15 more facts? Do I have 15 more facts to share?
You betcha!
Jacob and I had some really good conversations during our
6 hour drive home.
I think I have some new material!

1. Lets start with the fact that I secretly love long drives with my man because it allows up to open up and really talk with no distractions, no friends, no TV, no cell phones. Just us, music and the open road.

2. I'm challenging myself in this coming move to really explore what kind of person I want to be and to work hard to develop my career.

3. I used to be self conscious about the way I eat. I think it was the braces.

4. When I was a kid, I went through the scared-of-my-parents-dying phase. I swore every time they left the house they wouldn't come back.

5. I feel motivated about 4 or 5 days out of the week. But it's usually only when I am not able to act on those motivations. I.E: When I'm at work, I tend to get really good blog ideas or story ideas...and I can't do anything about it. Then once I'm off work, I couldn't be bothered...why is that?

6. I really want to go to the Electric Daisy Carnival next year in Vegas.
I could pretty much die a happy person after that.

7. I love typewriters. Especially my old Smith and Corona my dad had refurbished for me! 

8. I really want a tattoo but am too scared to get one. I don't like pain and I can't commit to an idea.

9. I'm really into Dawson's Creek right now. Problems back in the 90's were just so funny! Plus, I like Katie Holms before she became Mrs. Tom.

10. I bought a children's book of riddles from 1960 from Goodwill a few weeks ago and when I read it, I laughed at every single riddle.

11. I haven't owned white socks...I think ever. I'm a fan of crazy, multicolored socks with kittens and sail boats that only stretch half way up your shin. And they rarely match.

12. I hate feet. Like. I really hate feet.

13. I secretly want to be a GoGo Dancer at a techno club or something.
But I am not nearly skinny enough to be comfortable in those tiny outfits.
I just like the idea of being able to dance my booty off every night and get paid. That sounds awesome.

14. I have a weird obsession with heels but rarely wear them.

15. It's 32 days until my 24th birthday.

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