Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feeling Very Full.

Of myself, that it. I'm feeling very full of myself at the moment because, as I type this, I am sitting at my new internship in Toronto.

Not only have I moved thousands of miles outside my comfort zones in pretty much every single sense of the friggin word (and been pretty successful...), I have taken my first step (besides this here blog) towards developing a career!

I am now part of the team that manages and runs the social media for an up and coming website in Toronto! Although it's my first day and I have yet to get annoyed with a client or customer or (God forbid) boss, I'm still pretty positive.

The only other thing that makes me things happy (besides the wildly successful and dangerously handsome boyfriend) is this:


  1. AH! I am so happy for you!! I really hope you love it :)

  2. we don't see that "you come one inch closer and I'll remove your hand at the elbow" look anymore............she's fast asleep under the bed again :)

  3. that doggie face is pure cuteness!! love it

  4. girl, you love random facts so you should check out my new link up :)

  5. AH! Is that an Astralian Cattle Dog? I have two! They are amazing pups! So happy that you have that cutie in your life! =)

  6. I hope you get all the recognition you deserve and surely wish you continued successes in your life!
    a big hug

  7. Hey Freya,

    I am so happy for you and hope that your internship is going well. Maybe I'll bump into you here in T.O.?