Monday, July 9, 2012

Lunch With Alice.

     Lunch with Alice has stemmed from Dinner with Alice which I tried to turn into a blog segment that just didn't get off the ground. I met Alice a few months back in the dark and dungy bar next to my house. We had been sent there by a mutual friend to meet up because we are both West Coast babies and obvio would connect right away. And I personally think we did!

     While we weren't the friends that spent every weekend together and know each other deep dark secrets, I always feel so comfortable with dear Alice. A conversation with Alice is always leaves me inspired, smiling and excited about anything that's coming up in my life. 

     We went to this little place down the street from my apartment called Sababa. It opened a few months ago and is a falafel place. Long story short, it was delicious, great price and just felt really fresh. 

      We sat in the courtyard in my apartment building. It's actually a really pretty place. It's above the street so you don't hear the pollution from the street while basking in this little haven. It's cooler today with more cloudy and breezes then I've seen all week. It was nice to sit in the shade and actually be cool. We sat and just shared. 

     [As I sit here writing this out, my dress is still warm from the sun. It's giving me that I-may-need-a-nap-in-the-afternoon kind of feeling. With all these warm thoughts, it may be easier to obtain!]

     It's so nice to find someone you can just be totally open with. I know I talk a lot, sometimes about relevant things and other times about things that probably do not matter, but she always just listens. I think it's so rare that you find someone so far from home that makes you feel so at home at the same time.

     Alice, if you're reading this I just want to say thank you for being my West away from home. You will truly be missed. Dinner with Alice will still be a fixture in my life, as I search for a new person to become my Alice in Toronto. I hope everything works out for you with your job and I hope you find that motivation, inspiration, light that you are searching for.

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  1. Wow, well I just teared up pretty badly. Thanks Freya, that was such a touching note to me (you're a great writer!). I feel the exact same way about our friendship. There really is something about West-coasters that puts me at ease so, well, easily. I always loved our conversations too :) Also, I'll of course be a listening ear even when you live in a new country.

    I can't wait to see how your life unfolds in Canada! I hope it inspires you to pursue all your talents and passions; I hope you find a great community of peers and friends to support and love you.

    So much love,