Monday, July 9, 2012

30 Days: Day Nineteen.


     I think know winning my heart is easy. Honestly, I'm such an easy person to get along with, it's almost unheard of. There are just 5 things you have to be into to make me love you. (And this goes from friends as well! It's all the same criteria, that's how important they are to me! ;) )

Not related to this post at all, but I felt there were too many words :)

1. You must like ice cream. Just kidding. To win me over you have to be a foodie. I come from a very awesome background. My parents and my grandmother were always pushing my sister and I with food. Always eating something weird one night then something totally different the next. I need my "someone" or "friend" to like exploring the food world. If you just like cheeseburgers and french fries, you'll need to try again later. 

2. You must have some part of your family that you love. I wanted to say that you must have a great family that you love and are supportive of you etc. But I don't know what qualifies in your eyes as a family. Your parents could be divorced or deceased or just not around. Whatever you count as your family, they need to have a good relationship with them. Family is too important to me to accept nothing less. At least you need to be able to understand why my family is important to me and respect that.

3. You need to love adventures. I swear I have ADD or ADHD when it comes to life and I get bored real quick. I love going out and doing things just as much as I love watching 6 movies in one day. I want someone who loves biking and hiking and swimming and exploring and trying new stuff. Life is too short to be otherwise!

4. You must, and I stress MUST, love animals. I honestly think there isn't an ugly animal on this planet, which of course is an exaggeration. My love for animals can be summed with this paraphrased coversation Jake and I had one day when the hurricane was coming:
     "Say you arrived at a shelter after a natural disaster and no dogs were allowed. You had Chasey (my pup) with you. Would you save yourself and let Chasey go, or would you move on."
     "Is that even a QUESTION?!?!" Meaning, I would rather suffer more and be with my dog then leave her in the street. And I feel that way with any animal. Lets just say, pets is something Jacob and I are still working on.

5. You have to be funny. I love laughing and if you can't make me laugh, hit the road. I hate carrying the conversation and I HATE people with no sense of humor. If your life is too serious to laugh about then you need to do some sorting, bro.


  1. I love adventures too! That's one of my musts.

  2. I agree you MUST love animals to love me, in fact I made sure my husband understood that we were going to have plenty of dogs once we got married :) I hope I would have married him if he said no, but that may have been a deal breaker!

  3. I love this! Valuing family, loving food and trying new things are also on my list :) Thinking about where you can go on Fri. Will get back to you on that one!! Exciting!

  4. Okay!

    Beast (tapas, local ingredients, casual, small patio)
    Playa Cabana (mexican with a patio - go before 6 if want a table)
    Blowfish (asian fusion tapas/bar - a little more dressy)
    Spice Route (dinner/lounge - a little more dressy)
    Banu - (Persian)
    Chao San Road (Thai but get there before 6)
    The Madison - The Annex/casual bar (huge house)