Monday, July 16, 2012

Bleached Thoughts.

Someday I want to be able to write in the dark, without lights, without seeing.
Just transfer thoughts into words without the harsh glare of a light 
to ruin them first. 
Thoughts in the dark are so...vulnerable. 
Raw. Fresh.
Light will bleach the thought before it reaches paper, taking away all its meaning, 
all its real meaning.

People can speak the truth in the dark.
When they're with someone, whether it someone close to them 
or someone new.
Being in the dark allows someone to tell their deepest, darkest secrets or most shameful truths. 
Or most beautiful stories.
Or even their most favorite moments, those they normally don't share.

Darkness dulls our instinct to judge because we can only hear 
what we're told and explore that in our own imagination. 
We cannot see the emotions those thoughts bring to the person 
exploring that thought.
We form our own opinions based upon what we, ourselves, feel sitting there in the dark, essentially alone, 
with nothing but a disembodied voice for company, come to find.

These are the times when I believe the best words are spoken.
I lay in bed myself thinking of things I wish I could record 
but are too afraid to turn on the light.
It will wash away the true meaning and emotion behind what I feel.
And with that, I turn off my light. 
I don't want to bleach my thoughts any more tonight.

Soon it'll be the time when I can share them with you, in the dark, just two people, thinking.

Written for Jacob on my cell phone at night. 

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  1. This was very poetic! I really liked it :) I'm a new follower!

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