Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well we made it! But that's obvio because I've already posted about my moving problems!! We've been out and about a little bit this weekend but spent most of our time getting everything set up and in order. I can't move somewhere and go party without my house being in order. I can't do it. But here are some pictures I snapped throughout the city this weekend!!

View from our apartment. Home of the Blue Jays!

I <3 EDM.

We spent a few good hours at the St Lawrence Market on Saturday. It is huge and it was packed with vendors and people. The food looked and smelled incredible. I was in complete heaven all day. There are some pictures I took while wandering around, trying to figure out what the heckola to buy!

You know it's fresh!

Best kinds of carrots.

My new fave way to spend Saturdays!

Fun story about their beer selection. 1. I noticed it's a lot of imports. 2. I forgot the drinking age up here is younger...I was confused why there were so many young looking people in the liquor store. 3. They sell beer by the singles! And mostly tall boys. WOO!

So much seafood!

Holy crab legs!

Best selection of veg!

Greek Fries. I could eat these every day.

This is all I have so far. I'll be posting stories and pictures as they come up! Tomorrow I have a lot of time to myself and I'm hoping to get out and do some exploring for myself!!!

Anyone from Toronto have any suggestions on where to check out??

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