Friday, July 6, 2012

30 Days: Day Eighteen.


     You're asking the girl who loves lists and calenders if she has any plans?! Oh course I do! But they're mostly just dreams they will happen soon!!
     As you may know, in 6 DAYS I'm moving to Toronto. This is a great opportunity for me to focus on my ::career:: or developing one. See, I have this problem...I have a hard time believing in myself. I'm terrified of failure and every more terrified of trying. But I'm working on becoming the kind of woman I've always seen myself becoming in my head. I want to be confident, powerful (not as in dominating other people but as in I think I can do anything), I want to be self assured and, above all else, happy. And I will do just about anything right now to get there.
     I've developed a short list of the things, goals, I want to work on for this coming year. 2013 is going to be my year, I can already feel it!

1. Spend more time focusing on my writing: whether that be creative or not. I have this internship set up for Toronto where I'll be writing articles for them and I think that'll help get me back in the swing of things.

2. Start developing an Esty store: I am a creative being (thanks, mom & dad). I craft and make and create and imagine all the time. I've been thinking more seriously over the past year of doing something with it. And I've already put some plans in motion!

3. Conquer my fitness! This is pretty self explanatory. My problem is that I love to cook...and bake and eat and try and indulge. I want to find some equal ground where all those parts of me can hang out without one part getting more upset then the others. This'll be a hard one!

4. Make new friends...ones that stick: I crave friendship. Like...badly. I feel closer to some bloggers that I read who don't know me then the people I see everyday. I mean...Connecticut isn't really my cup of anything so I'm kind of ready to GTFO (Get the f%#* out). I have a goal of making 2 friends in my first month! Lets see if I can do it :)

     Thats all I think I have right now...Friday is full of possibilities and the weekend to come will be nice and relaxing! 

Does anyone have any tips for me on achieving these goals? Have you ever been in a similar situation???


  1. GO GIRL GO! I'm so excited to see your dreams come true! GOod luck, I know you'll do awesome ;)

  2. good luck with your writing - thats perfect that you'll have your internship ... and i love the goals on making friends. i know lots of people who say they want more friends but never make it a specific goal or work at it - way to make things happen :)

  3. I <3 your blog. My tip is combining goals: Meet some people, then invite them over and feed them. It's a super easy way to make friends and you won't have any leftovers! Sell things on etsy that incorporate your writing- art pieces with poems, etc. Everyone loves a poem on the wall, I mean come on!

  4. I'm so very excited that you're going to be focusing on your writing more and building an etsy store. Those are such awesome goals. As for friends, ask for introductions -- see if people you already know know people in the area (I'm brainstorming who I might know up there). Meet bloggers (honestly, some of the bloggers I've met are now some of my best real life friends). Go out and do things you love. You'll start to connect in time.

  5. i'm with you on number 3....and 4! move on down to georgia and we can be friends without the distance! :) xx

  6. I'm trying with that fitness one too...though i haven't had much success yet!

  7. All your goals are really personal and sweet. I feel that working on them will bring you a lot of happiness. Much love.

  8. Here is a quote from the novel 'Rizpah' by Clifford Israel: "Happiness is not a hare or an antelope, to be snared and devoured. It is more like a cool wandering breeze in the heat of the day. One prays for it, waits for it, but one cannot make it come near except in its own time."

    I thought that hit the nail on the head.

    Re: friends. My advice was something I only learned relatively recently. I learned to only give people the same amount of energy that they give to you.

    So if someone shows an express intrest in you, then do the same back and you'll reap the rewards. Whereas, if someone is pleasant but not overly friendly then be the same to them... if you chase after their friendship, they're unlikely to give it up easily.

    Keep going Frey - you'll get there, I have faith in you. xx

  9. I SO know what you mean about the friends. I definitely feel closer to my blog friends than people I interact with daily. (besides a couple) We just need a real blogging world where we can all live in the same place and be bff's!

  10. You seem like such a sweet loving person. Your blog is fabulous!
    Following ya.

  11. You seem like such a sweet loving person. Am following your blog for sure!