The Traveler.

I'm on the edge of another life chapter.
The traveler? That's me. The relocated? That's me.
Another monstrous jump, leap across boundaries.
Leaving what slowly became familiar.
Diving back into what is unknown.

I started my journey in Oregon. 
23 years there.
Grew there, learned there, 
became me there.
Went to college there
then left there.
I took a chance with a boy.
A great boy, now becoming a man.
Girl and boy
to man and woman.
We cross the yard,
the street,
then the country together.

One year we've been here,
New Haven, Connecticut.
We've had high highs
and low lows.
It takes time to feel out your life.
It was so new and strange,
then became all I knew.
I've made a lot of mistakes here,
but I've also learned a lot of lessons.

July 12th marked the day I flew into the unknown.
Literally, flew. Again.
I stepped off that plane in the heart of Toronto,
away from my country, my home, my friends and family.
Well, further away at least.
I had no promise of a job,
but I did have the promise of growth.
Of challenge and that's what I think I need.

The move looms in the future,
a short 4 months away.
Once more to board a plane,
and fly into the unknown.

It's time to become the person I want to be.
I am Freya.
I am (now) 24.
And I am on the move.


  1. I can't believe how close you live to me! I'm a half hour away from New Haven :)

  2. Hey! You will be moving closer to the Midwest! We should meet up and visit Red Velvet for a weekend after you are all settled. (I'm in Minnesota.)