My Bucket List

I originally got this idea from a fellow blogger who got it from a fellow blogger who got it from a...

...well you get the point...

As you get to know me through my posts, you'll realize that I am a HABITUAL list maker and remaker and remaker...

...lets just say that I probably kill at LEAST 6,000 trees alone from all the lists I make...

...which is a lie because I use my phone and Wunderlist :)
(And I actually pause like...this when I talk!)
So I decided that since I enjoy recording my thoughts, feelings, loves and hates here on my bloggy blog blog, it would be the best place to keep my Bucket List!

Let's start shall we??
(I reserve the right to change, alter, erase, add and configure my list in anyway I feel...and I reserve the right to put things on the list that I have accomplished already just to cross them off teehee)

1. Move to another country for at least 6 months. 

2. Move to the east coast for at least 6 months. (This year made that possible!)

3. Take a ballet class again.

4. Cook my way through a Jamie Oliver cookbook.

5. Hold a snake. (I'm terribly afraid.)

6. Go sky diving.

7. Go bungee jumping.  (Summer of 2007, I think.)

8. Finish writing a story.

9. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

10. Learn to drive a stick shift.

11. Travel to Asia.

12. Eat a mushroom without having to chop it into bits.  (I'm pretty good now! But they still need to be cooked...raw mushrooms are still disgusting.)

13. Teach English in Africa.

14. Get married.

15. Learn a new language.

16. Be in a wedding.  (Thanks, sister :) )

17. Throw an adult dinner party, equipped with wine, civilized conversation and lovely food.

18. Get a tattoo.

19. Grow a garden.

20. Rescue an old dog.

21. Own a tractor.

22. Learn how to use a sewing machine.

23. Finish a drawing without throwing it away.

24. Purchase and learn how to use a new camera.

25. Be proud of myself.

26. Ride the subway(I do it everyday now!)

27. Become a local in a bitchin city (Like New York or Boston or Chicago, maybe Toronto?!)

28. Travel to Egypt.

29. Be able to cook a meal without asking questions or having to look at a recipe.

30. Record my stories in hopes that a child will someday think they are interesting.

31. Own my own business, preferably something to do with crafts or food.

32. Have a photo shoot.

33. Try snails (eww)

34. Get a massage.

35. Buy something for myself without feeling guilty.

36. Make enough money to send my parents on vacation.

37. Be a news reporter.

38. Win an award based on my talents.

39. Run 1 mile without stopping.  (I accomplished this Oct 16th!) [Then I ran 3 miles in a row December 16!]

40. Participate in The Color Run.

41. Ride a roller coaster. (It was the scariest thing of my entire LIFE)

42. See the sun set from the Empire State Building.

43. Run a 5k.

44. Get paid for a freelance article.
45. Finish this list.


  1. lovin' #36...........get on with it!!

  2. You could include Jacob's Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Cindi in #36!

  3. You need to cross off #39! :D

  4. #32 is do-able - surely a birthday present idea??? (a voucher fora professional one, not family taking family photos!)

    #33 - YUM!! They're SOAKED in garlic... yum yum yum!