Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Come on, Canada, lets be real.

So Jacob and I have been in Toronto almost three weeks now. While it feels like forever already there is one thing we keep noticing that's quite different up here. 

The beer.

Craft Beer.

So far, Jacob has been appalled by the beer here. He continues to order IPA's that don't taste like IPA's. He's been horrified. Me? Honestly, I'm totes cool with light beer. I don't really enjoy extremely hoppy beer so Canadian beer and I have been getting along great.

We were in LCBO, which is Canadian for liquor store, and looking at beer. They were mostly pilsners or lagers. Jake wanted something rich, flavorful and hops filled. Eventually he located a warm 6 pack of Hoptical Illusion and we waltzed home, me cradling my lager while he mumbles about IPA's. 

We got to chatting on the walk home about why he hasn't been able to find any beers he likes so far. We thought maybe the hops crops here aren't as abundant in Canada as they are in the States. Maybe it's too cold? Maybe they don't know any better? Maybe we're just stuck in a country where beer is light? (which again, I do not mind)

But after a bit of reading, I am sad to announce to Jacob but we are wrong. Canadian's love their beer, thinking it almost superior to American beer (to which I laugh). They pride in hops and craft beers here, however, they do prefer the lighter, lager taste.

So my conclusion? I will set off on a beer adventure! I will venture out, obvio with Jacob, to discover the best beers in Canada! We will find Jacob his IPA if it takes a whole year of drinking!

If you are from Canada or know Canadian beers, do you have any suggestions?? I couldn't honestly tell you what ones we've tried because they all have weird a$$ names and there's a lot of French involved...

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  1. Freya...if you haven't found one by the time I come up to visit then we will just have to continue the search. Miss you guys ! -- Kristi