Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Subway Diaries: New Train.

Day Two. New Train.

Not New.

This train is newer. It still looks like parts are from the 70’s. The crushed red velvet seats are enough to take anyone back. Thankfully, this car is air-conditioned. I’m tired of sticking to my clothing. I had to buy another pack of gum again to ride the subway. Note to self: acquire more coins…or just stop being a cheap ass and buy the right amount of subway token at one time.

It’s just so unlike what I’m used to. Nobody in America uses coins, which makes absolutely no sense…pun intended…Why do we have a currency that is partially useless? I mean, we all like quarters but not because they are useful, but because they are fun to count and flip. But that’s America for you.

I really enjoy when the train does around corners, especially in a car like this. The new subway trains are all connected, like a giant metal caterpillar. The cars are connected by metal panels that slide and maneuver together, creating a kind of joint. I’m guessing it’s where the doors would be on a normal car.  Watching the car attached bounce around and slither around corners is entertaining to me. Every one seems oblivious to the fact that we’re essentially surfing through dark tunnels below a huge city.

This brings another though to mind. Has no one seen Midnight Meat Train but me? I wonder if this subway ends in some weird vampire-human-bat colony that cuts out you tounge as initiation to their clan? Maybe I’m dreaming.

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