Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Mess.

Have you ever met someone and, no matter the length of your friendship, they had a deep impact on your life? Meet Storey Condos.

I first met Storey in the theater program at our college. I was having a rough first year in college; first time moving away from home, didn't have any friends and was having a hard time with my major. Storey was very accepting of everyone, she was open and friendly and very talented. The few months we were friends are times that I still consider the best in my life. We would stay up late, singing show tunes and talking about life. I don't even think I've ever told her this but she had a huge impact on me. And she still does!

Storey moved back to her hometown of Chico, CA a few months after I met her. Sadly, I haven't seen her much yet but Facebook has allowed me to keep the dialogue flowing. After a while of finding herself in Chico, she started following her dream took her dreams by the horns. She is now the lead singer of the band Hot Mess.

I've been following the band, it's story and musical journey since they began. After building up quite the following in Chico and their surrounding community, they made a huge life choice and an even bigger step for their career. Hot Mess up and moved (every member) to Nashville: The Music City! They have been working NONSTOP on their dreams and have come so very far. This is a story of true dedication, talent and passion. 

They now approach the next step in their journey to achieving their dreams!! They have been approached by Chad Carlson, a two-time Grammy award winner, to record a 5 track EP!! THIS IS HUGE! This could be a break through time for Hot Mess but they need our help!

Hot Mess needs to raise $12,000 by August 31st! The good news? Their amazing family, friends and fans have gotten them half way there!! As of today, August 14th, they have $6,602! With 16 more days to go, I've decided to do what I can to help them out because I know that when I need just a little extra push from the Universe, it'll be there for me too.

To Storey, I am so very proud of everything you've become. I look up to you when I'm feeling down and say "There's a woman who is my friend and she is becoming great!" You give me strength when I need it! 

So now's that time, dear bloggy readers! Check out their web site, go stalk their Facebook, become their friend, share their story and donate even just $5.00! Lets help Hot Mess!!

Check out this video of Hot Mess live! 


  1. Awesome!! Totally checking out their website :)

  2. So cool! She sounds like such a great person and I love her name! Nashville is the big time! Going to listen to the song now!