Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dear Me.

A good friend once told me, 
I can't let anyone love me until I love myself.
I'm pretty sure my whole world shattered in that moment, ya'll. And it was from that moment that I struggled with loving myself. To this day, at age 24, I still struggle to love myself. So how do I start?

Thank GOODNESS that Wikihow has all the answers! Lets look at their suggestions and see how well I do.

I Love You, Me.

1. Treat other's with love and respect: I think I'm doing a good job at that! I give everyone the same respect that I think I deserve.

2. Create goodwill and thankfulness by practicing random acts of kindness and sharing your being to many: Okay, I don't think I do this...yet. I have a project in the works right now where I would be sharing my positivity and (at least trying) to spread random acts of kindness...More on this later!

3. Express yourself, perhaps in letters or articles when you have a topic: Oh my garsh, blog much?! I do that! Actually, I think I've really starting doing that. I tried so hard to be every other cute blog out there but it's just not me. So I'm sticking to my guns :)

5. Forgive yourself: *Note: I will be skipping some numbers because there are 24 of these so...* This is something that I think I need to work on. I put myself down way too often. I mean Jacob and I used to fight about it bc he hates that I do it. So I'm working on that. 

6. Post positive statements everywhere so you can smile: Two post it's that are a must on my mirror, "You are beautiful," and "I have courage."

10. Be persistent: I should keep at loving myself. I def go through phases where I'm super positive and upbeat and love myself then literally 12 minutes later I'm down in the dumps. I just need to believe in myself!

13. Hug yourself: Okay :)

20. Do what you love: I spend at least an hour each day blogging, which is something I love. I also have been exploring dance classes for when I have a job. Doing something you love lifts your spirits and reminds you what real joy feels like.

23. Don't compare yourself to others: Oh, I do this a lot. I think I majored in it in college. I have to stop doing this. Anyone got pointers??

24. Stop trying to be perfect: I think I have that one in the bag. I am so okay with not being perfect. I'm probably the weirdest person I know and I am darn proud of that!

Sorry for all the mushy self-love but I'm feeling like I'm in the need right now. I've been job hunting for what seems like YEARS now and, with no end in near sight, I just need a little affirmation that I can do this. And who better to be my pick-me-up then, well me!

Do you have any tips on reaching self love??


  1. #23- Don't compare yourself to others-

    That one is hard for me as well! My new outlook is this- there is one me, and that is pretty awesome. Others may have clothes/hair/bodies I may envy, but they will never be me! I am the best me that I can be. This is especially hard in the blog world since (most) bloggers only put forward their "best selves, with meticulously perfect hair, clothes, nails, and lives"- I CALL B.S. They just aren't airing their real lives. The ho-hum, mundane everyday happenings.

    YOU are the best YOU possible! No one else can say they are you, with your spirit or talent! Remember that you are AWESOME! Add that post-it to your mirror! "I am the best ME!"

  2. Hey, I feel that when it comes to loving urself not comparing yourself to others is magical. I am still working on this but definitely feel that if I didn't do this I would be much happier with my life and myself as a while.

    Great post!