Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Health Kick

So, people, I don't know if you know this but...I love ice cream. Like if it was really good for you then I'd probably be the healthiest person on the planet...

But in my recent wave of healthy eating, I have been on the search for an ice cream replacement. And I think I found it!!

Start with some bananas. Now I don't really like bananas but I super love them like this! I used 2 but you can use up to, well, any amount really! The recipe I based my creation off of called for 5-6 bananas.

Take the bananas you want you use and cut them into pieces on a plate then place in the freezer to freeze. Meanwhile, mix together equal parts peanut butter, maple syrup and a dash of vanilla extract (I used almond extract however, still delicious). Then add oats. I put in twice as much as I did peanut butter and syrup (so 1/4 PB = 1/2 oats). Mix together to make a thick mixture. You can ad chocolate chips but I didn't have any.

Once your banana pieces are frozen, put them in a blender and process till creamy. Mix in the peanut butter/oat crumbles with a spoon. I've put my ice cream back in the freezer to get a tad harder but you can eat it then and there if you want!!

Oh, I added a touch of nutmeg too. SO EXCITED for it to be done (I'm still waiting...)

You should try it!

What kinds of variations do you think you could make on this recipe? I was thinking about trying this and using berries and bananas? Hmm...


  1. I've been healthy for one week (I sound like I go to meetings) and since I love bananas I can make this when I want to cheat.

  2. Hey! This is awesome! I never thought of doing this and am curious where you got the idea! I love ice cream too and will definitely be trying this :)