Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend In Photos (And a few from last week!)

Oh boy! Is it "Monday" already?! We had a three day weekend in Canada for some Civic holiday, which meant I had a four day weekend since I already have Friday's off! OVer that weekend was my 24th birthday (eek!) and I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of those who wished me a happy day! It turned out so, so great!

I had a job interview, which I am still waiting to hear results, then Jacob took me to MAC and bought me all this new make up, after getting my make up done for the day. I have never owned nice thing, let alone amazing, expensive make up! All I want to do is play with it. Then we went to lunch at an adorable little Italian place on Spadina Ave downtown. 

And after a little bit of shopping (which was unsuccessful), went to cocktails with some new friends at Beir Market, where we were thrilled to see an amazing selection of beer! As you know, we're on a beer quest so I think when we have more time, we'll have to come back and explore the selection here! Then he surprised me with an amazing dinner. And I'm talking amazing. So fancy. Probably the best food I've ever had and, as Jake put it after paying the bill, probably a once in a life time kind of place (hah! What a great guy!). The wine was so delicious, it was like butter in your mouth. I wanted to take pictures so badly but it was the kind of place where you do NOT do that. But I snuck a few, fuzzy as they are, you get the idea! Here are some Instagram's (which you can follow me @FreyaLily88) and some regular photos! 
Breakfast this morning. Getting back on the health wagon!

A lecture at Hotel Ocho. Beautiful.

Where I had my interview (Post Magazine, not Bayview Magazine)

Penne ala vodka, of course.

Scaramouche for dinner, appetizer: goat cheese three ways. Amazing.

Scaramouche: Partridge. Probably the best thing I've ever eaten. 

Birthday outfit: Salmon dress, black belt, diamonds Gram's gave
 me for Christmas, wedges and Armani blazer from Gram's.

Saturday stroll around Harbourfront. I hate the use of "ou".
Harbourfront. So big you forget it's a lake.

Walking up Yonge St past the Russian immigrants. 
Chopstick walrus.
Sunday lunch with friends at the Ultimate Cafe.
Montreal Smoked Meat sammie and a garden salad.

Morning coffee: B-52 (Kailua, Bailey's and Grand Mariner) 

$5 craft beers. Tractor beer.

How was your weekend???


  1. hey, looks like an amazing bday weekend. i was at the harbourfront yesterday! I wanted to suggest you try Steam Whistle for beer.

  2. I need to get back on the healthy wagon, too. I have that pink dress!

    Amanda Rose

    happy belated!

  3. Wow, happy belated birthday! That goat's cheese meal sure looks like a winner! I love cheese!

  4. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I love when people celebrate right! You looked smoking in your outfit!