Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Evolution of a Women

Yesterday our boxes arrive from the States. I spent the evening unpacking and getting things in order. Then I realized bathroom boxes were here! 

Have you ever experienced that? Realizing how much I missed having my products; my gels, my lotions, my cotton balls, my sprays, my toners. As I took my time getting ready for bed, taking off my make up, washing my face, lotioning, flossing, we're gonna get real personal here, ya'll. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and came to an abrupt stop. All I could see was the adult version on me. I am no longer a teenager.

I think we can measure the growth of a young lady by her bedtime rituals. I know we all have them, you do too. Do you brush your teeth first? Or wash your face? Do you use mouth wash or floss? Both? If you think about it, most women develop these practices over time.

I never look this good....
When I think back to when I was a new teen, I never had these rituals. In high school, I used these eye make up remover pads that my mom gave me. I hated them, they always left my eyes oily and gross. 

"Just wash your face," she'd tell me. But what she didn't understand was how badly I hated washing my face. It was a waste of time! 

I usually went to sleep leaving on my cheap mascara and green eye shadow, scrubbing off my raccoon eyes in the shower the next morning. But then I grew up and went to college.

In college, I was wiser. I skillfully kept a package of wipes by my bed so I would easily swipe off make up before turning the light off. Or to get the make up off in the morning...either way, the effort was there, right?! Or there was the alternative...which was drinking too much and crying with your girlfriends about how much you loved them...that happened a few times...but it's a really effective way of getting ridding your face of black smudges! It's just more watery then usual.

But now, as of 24 (eek! tomorrow!), I have a whole regime. First, I use coconut oil to make off my make up. My mom suggested it and it's genius! Then I wash my face, use some toner, lotion, brush, floss and swish some mouth wash around...boy I love that burn!

Best idea ever!
It was mid swish last night that I realized I have grown up. Gone are my raccoon eyed mornings, my runny mascara nights, my black stained pillow cases. I am full grown!

Think back, has your nightly regime changed over the years??


  1. The whole taking make off thing is so true..... My mom gave me make-up remover pads when I was younger, then I stopped using them and just tried to take my make-up off in the shower. Now I actually I take the time to do it.

  2. I definitely spend more time caring for myself now than I did when I was a teenager. There are more products and I love how each of them makes me feel (I have lots that have wonderful relaxing scents to them). I hadn't heard about using coconut oil before, but I'm so going to try that!