Monday, August 13, 2012

The Subway Diaries: Dear Stranger.

Post Secret

If there's anything more deliciously satisfying than getting onto a wonderfully cold subway car, then I'll start believing in God. Luckily for me, I don't think there is...unless it's a bathtub of chocolate ice cream. But that'd be sticky.

I'm hoping these coins start making sense. I look at like a friggin tourist. And I totally dislike being a tourist, or at least anyone knowing I'm a tourist.

The subway is a bit busier this time. Again I get the weird surfing-caterpillar subway car. Other people obviously don't think it's a fun as I do. I should stop smiling. Another sign of being a tourist. 

I've been thinking about starting a new segment for my blog called something like "Dear Stranger" or something. "Friendly Words" or "Dear Friend." I think "Dear Stranger" would be more effective. If I saw an envelope addressed to a stranger I'd totally open it. After all, I would be a stranger to pretty much everyone in this city. 

Anyway, it's a series of cards, whether postcard or actual card, where I write a little message or happy picture. Then I'd leave the card on a bench, in a book, at a coffee shop, somewhere where it'll be found and looked at. The point is to spread positive energy, some love, maybe a smile to those around me. Even if I don't know them. I'd associate it with an e-mail that's set up strictly for the cards. Maybe people would e-mail me, telling me what their day was like until they found the card. Or maybe it didn't help at all. But as long as it spurs thought, my job is done. Maybe eventually I'd be able to set up a blog, like Post Secret, or something. Just a thought.

I think the subway would be a pretty good place to start. Minus the whole "if you see something, say something" rule. I hope nobody would get scared by my cards. I think if I found an envelope addressed to " Stranger," I'd absolutely open it! Then I'd keep it...because I like keeping things like that. 


  1. That is so sweet I will totally open it and save it too!

  2. Get this project going! I heard Post Secret had a slow start so don't give up.

  3. I love this idea!!!! Do it do it do it!

    You're making me wish I rode a subway to get to work ;)

    Hope you have a fantastic week!