Thursday, November 8, 2012


It's November and November seems to be a big countdown month for me. And, if you knew me, you'd know that I love a good countdown! I thought I'd share what I'm counting down to!
1. My Internship is over in 18 days:
Not that I'm overjoyed to be done here at Post City magazines. I've learned a lot and enjoyed my time here. I'm excited that I have a portfolio that has grown immensely and I have made some good connections here. But lets be real, I'm excited to get back to a slightly normal sleeping schedule. 5-6 hours is simply not enough for me! 

2. Christmas Vacation in 40 days:
In 40 days, Jake and I fly back to Oregon for 10 days!! I'm so excited to see family and friends and celebrate Christmas. If you knew me, you'd know I love Christmas like a junkie loves smack! (I just wanted to say "junkie" and "smack." I don't get a lot of opportunities in real life.) 

3. New Years in Columbus:
I started going to Columbus for Jake. He went to college there. But over the past two years and countless trips there, I've really grown attached to it! I vaguely know my way around and have made some pretty good friends along the way. I'm ecstatic to return this year and celebrate the new year with some really cool people! And my boyfriend of course. (Psst, it'll also be Jake and my official 2 year anniversary!) 

4. EDC in 225 days:
It started as just an idea but then it grew. I am so pleased that we bought early bird tickets to Electronic Daisy Carnicval for next June! It's a 3 day festival in Las Vegas and over 300,000 people attend. It's going to be wild! I am so pumped. It's been a while since Jake and I took a vacation for just vacation's sake and even though it's 225 days away, I'm already planning some outfits.


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