Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm going to be real right now. One of my favorite activities in college was to browse Craigslist with my pals, looking for hilarious ads or ridiculous missed connections. Let me just tell you, the things we saw could make a harlett blush!

Seriously though, if you've never paroosed Craigslist in a state of boredom then you don't know what you're missing! 

My favorite section is called "The Best of Craigslist." This is where people submit the most ridiculous things they find for all to see. Sometime, when I need a good laugh, I'll look through here. Today, I found this gem:

Can we borrow your dog? - mw4mw

Hi So

We bought some bacon and some coffee this morning but due to being drunk we seem to have misplaced it.

We are 90-93% sure it's in our house somewhere. But where? We seriously have no idea. It's driving us nuts. We just want to drink some coffee and eat some freaking bacon. If you have a dog that likes smelling and finding bacon we would love to have him over. We will even feed you bacon once it's found. PleAse help

EDIT: it was in our couch. this took several hours and moments of hard thought. We still love dogs and welcome you and yours.

[I find this hilarious because I too have asked to borrow someones dog before! Granted, it wasn't for this purpose (I wanted to go to the dog park but had no dog and thought people would think me strange if I turned up with no dog...).

It's also funny because who hasn't had a moment of completely stupidity and misplaced something, whether or not in a sober state, and found it in a completely random spot hours, days or weeks later?! I know I have.]

This one also caught my eye:

Name my fish

I have a fish. Pretty good lookin fish if you ask me. Best looking one in Wal-Mart. Got drunk and thought hey! Fish sounds like a good idea. Bad idea. So now I'm stuck with a fish.
I have no desire to give it a name. But I feel like this fish is now my friend. Weird situation to be in. (not sexual).
I need a name for this fish. She lives a pretty interesting life (pictured).

Whoever offers me the most money will receive the privilege of naming my fish.
I'll post updates of the offers here at the end of everyday.

-weekly updates in my fish's life every Monday.
-she lives a very interesting life.
-the fish's dead corpse when it dies.
-or a video of it's viking funeral.
-If you don't know what a viking funeral is, look at this link:
-It'll go down something like that. (except live music... maybe a keg. Of course you'll be invited)


If you have any inquires, please hesitate to ask. Its a fish. Not very much to it.

Serious bidders only. This Wal- Mart fish means a lot to me. And by a lot I mean very little.
Poor college student with a stupid fish that thoroughly enjoys swimming... but she acts a little fishy sometimes.

Shoot me an email with your offer and live your life vicariously through my fish's life.

[Again, who's never done something stupid like this?! I know I have. I think it's better when you accept it and try to make the best of it!! Hilarious :) ]

Have you ever read stupid Craigslist postings before??

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