Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Drink: Coffee Nudge.

It's officially November. It's officially c o l d. Do you know what this means, you guys?
It's time to graduate to hot alcoholic beverages.
While I'm at work right now and cannot endulge, I was thinking about alcoholic coffee beverages. There are a lot out there! My favorite cocktail website gave me a great recipe for a Coffee Nudge. And, boy, does it sound delicious!
Coffee Nudge:
3/4 oz dark creme de cacao
3/4 oz coffee liqueur
1/2 oz brandy
6-8 oz coffee
Whipped Cream
Combine all ingredients together. Top with whipped cream.
I could totally go for one of these right now. I've never really experimented with hot alcohol drinks before. To me, it was always something my parents drank after dinner. But now, as it's getting colder and I'm getting older, they're starting to appeal more.
Imagine sipping one of these by the fire (or for me, the fireplace channel on cable) or in the snow while sledding.
Do you have a favorite coffee drink??

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