Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Dead Bodies

Okay so it's been actually a long time since I've done a Weekly Weigh In but I saw this and needed to share it. 

I was on the treadmill this morning and I read the following headline on the little text bar that runs across the bottom of the screen. I almost fell off the treadmill:

Russian Woman Keeps Hold of Dead Husband's Body with 5 Children for 3 Years.

Say whaaaa?!

Weekend at Bernie's anyway??
It turns out the woman, noted to be a devout Pentecostal Christian, was so upset after her husband died three years ago (of natural causes) that she kept the body in a bed in her apartment. She was certain he “was bound to resurrect.” The very short article ends saying that the women asked her children to talk to the body and feed it. Two of her kids finally decided to get rid of it when they were moving to a new apartment. 

I mean, what that?! 

Honestly, there's nothing to really weigh in on, I just think this lady is nuts!!! The article also states that she's had mental issues before. I'm sorry but unless your children are brainwashed or really young, wouldn't they realize that this ain't healthy?? Also, didn't it ever smell bad?? Did she wash him too?!

But I will ask this question: do you think this woman's religion played into her crazy or was she just plain, ol' crazy?? 

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