Monday, November 12, 2012

The Subway Diaries: November.

Most mornings, it takes a great effort to stay awake on the subway. The warmth of people heats through my jacket, warming the exposed patches of skin around my ankles and hands. The rocking of the subway brings racing minds to a methodical pace, toing and froing with the rhythm of the tracks.

The air in the car is generally sleepy these days. I believe with the ending of summer and the beginning of cold, dark winter mornings comes the constant state of sleepiness. Perhaps people, like bears, should hibernate. Winter proves to be a most unproductive season.

People cling t the overhanging poles like dried leaves cling to dead branches. All shade of brown, black and gray, as warm winter coats rarely come in bright colors. A bouncy hum wiggles from someones headphones. Newspapers topple to the floor as heads nod off. The darkness of the tunnels soon will match that of the world outside.

It’s November after all. 

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