Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My New Obsession

SO! I hope everyone have a wonderful Valentine's Day. I know I did! I made cupcakes for Jake then went to work. We've postponed our day together until this Saturday. Don't fret. You'll get an update ;)

Pasta and rice and almonds, oh my!
But I have this new obsession. With glass jars. Glass organizing jars. I've now decided that I want everything in my cabinets to be in glass jars, all different sizes, so I can see everything!! 

My next step is to use the chalk board paint that Jake bought, paint a big strip across the front of the jar. Then I can write in chalk what's in the jar! (I know it'll be obvious what's in the jar but it'll be cute!)

So in honor of me FINALLY finding my home organization bug (believe me, I was never this clean or organized when I was a kid), I've decided to share some of my favorite ideas. I've gathered these ideas from other blogs and from Pinterest (one of my new favorite websites!)

What a freakin GREAT idea!

A Beautiful Mess has so many great ideas in general BUT under the "Decor" tab, there's an idea for a spice organizer! Some day I hope to have enough space to do so!!

Camille Styles is such a beautiful blog. I could spend HOURS on here just looking at pictures and getting ideas. I've wanted a garden since I moved here to Connecticut but since I don't have the space, I thought THIS was a great idea! 

Lastly is a new blog I started following, While He Was Napping. So many cute ideas!!!!! I loved the bathroom mason jar organizer. I am so going to do THIS when we get a new place! 

Alright, lovelies, that's all I have for the day!! I want to post what I did for Valentine's Day SO BADLY but since we aren't having our day until Saturday, I don't want to risk Jake actually reading this thing ;)

Till next time!


  1. This is why we are best friends, I asked for Mason Jars for Christmas but sadly did not get any, It is on my list. And on all the Blogs I read I have also found numerous wondrous ideas for glass jars. And now ... I MUST add glass jars in the pantry, It does look so nice, and clean and you can SEE everything! Also Mason jar candle/chandelier idea ... a must!

    1. I'm still trying to build up my collection. I'd love to have a jar for everything. It just looks so clean!

  2. are these the magnetic spice thingys!? i have em & lololove 'em! and i love the way they look in our kitchen! BAM!