Sunday, March 4, 2012


Oh Happy March everyone! My, how time has flown!
I feel like New Years was yesterday, yet, I feel like tomorrow it'll be summer!

I'm very excited that my second favorite season is coming up, SPRING!
(Except for Daylight Savings next weekend, I do NOT like that.)
To start my post, I will reflect upon my last about wreaths.
My project this weekend was to make a spring wreath.
Here's how it turned out!

 I'm so happy with it!! It brought a lot of light into my living room, too. Yes, it was sad taking down the last wreath, but I think it's ok. It's time to move on, no??
On that note, lets see what I did this weekend!

 The weekend started with a few drinks at my work,Rudy's in New Haven. It's a pretty laid back gastropub that serves a lot of Belgian beers and inspired food. It's so different from the west coast, though. 
 Friday I got a latte from the coffee shop across the street from my house. It's appropriately called Koffee? I love that little cafe because at night they have wine, beer and cheese platters. I haven't gone yet but it's on my ToDo list for this coming week. I want to keep my business local, you know? Mom would be so proud!

Yummy beverages :)
Shrimp and rice.

 I love my weekends because they are usually filled with eating and drinking. Jake made AMAZING Shrimp Scampi on Thursday. It was OUT of the WORLD.

Saturday started with lunch at Liquid Lunch. It is this little sandwich and soup place. They have a HUGE menu of salads, sammie and soups. They are all so delicious!! I got French Onion soup and it was out of this WORLD. (Also in the picture is my new favorite seltzer water, raspberry lime. SO YUMMY!)

They mark your table with old soda bottles with color coordinated wooden spoons in them. I love that idea, I think it's really fresh and new! Or maybe it's old and I'm just new to the game :)

On our way home we saw the freaking Entenmann's OUTLET store! Yes. I said it. An OUTLET store. You could get like 3 boxes of treats for $6! We bought so many carbs. Delicious.

Lastly, I finished Saturday with a serving shift at work. This is a picture of the dining room. I love how it's decorated. The odd colored chairs and frosty windows with the cool lights, it's a great atmosphere.

I spent Sunday with my honey getting lunch, spending time at the fabric store, watching Planet Earth and making a spring wreath! It was such a lovely weekend. 
Any suggestions on a craft for next Sunday??

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