Thursday, May 3, 2012

Off the Top Of My Head.

When I wake up in the morning, it's rarely rested and ready to get my day started. Especially weekdays.
I hear the alarm and hit snooze for the first. second, third, forth time,
hoping to hide in my bed for the rest of the morning and greet the day when I am good and darn ready!
But, alas, like many other people, I get up anyway...
...because adulthood, responsibility and, well, money, tell me to!

As a part of this getting up process, or more like as my pregetting up process, I like to lay in bed and imagine what I will wear, or rather, what I will do with my hair. See, my day job is bartending so I have to wear a black uniform most of the time. But on the off day, I get to wear real clothes!
I've found myself thinking more and more about my hair.
What to do with all this mess!
I have come to find that my new love (and I mean like true love) are:
I think they are so brilliant!
They can dress you up or down.
Tame frizzies.
Hide greasy strands.
And bling you out!
So in honor of my new morning buddy, I scoured the internet looking for a few headbands worthy of sharing! 
And here's what I found!

First, I love headbands because they can be so cute! Everyone loves a little head bling!

They are super easy to make! Check out this tutorial with Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. I know what I'm doing this weekend!

I love how classy and fresh she looks! AND her hair is out of her face. I love headbands for this reason too. I have bangs and sometimes I just want them gone. But since I simply will not just cut the crap outta them and make them go away, I wear a headband that keeps them away :)

What is your favorite hair accessory? 


  1. I love the second one! My favorite accessory is a scarf to just tie my hair up in a turban sort of deal. It is amazing for disguising post-moisturizing-treatment-hair-greese. Yeah, yum.

  2. I'm all about the first one! I tend to hind behind head bands from time to time.

  3. I really like the first twoo and used to wear headbands all the time. Now that I short hair I have no need for them.

  4. I also LOVE headbands and usually go for the skinny black kind... to much bling can stress me out:)