Monday, April 2, 2012

Catching Up!

Since Saturday was a busy day, I didn't do much Sunday except cook, bake and eat my feelings.
Such as this...

Starbucks Via Caramel Iced Coffee...surprisingly delicious! 

Black Bean Soup that literally took all of 20 minutes and was incredibly enjoyable! 

Homemade whole wheat yummy! Find that recipe in one of my older posts.

And to finish off the day...

Mixed berry and honey sauce on top of...

It was such a wonderful Sunday! I wish I had been a bit more productive but...I'm ok with soup, bread and cake!!

As this new week, and month, begin, I have one thing on my mind...
I want so badly to go shopping.
I've been putting aside $10 here and $20 there so I have a little cash to get some new clothes for the new seasons!
How adult of me, right???

I'm thinking the following will be my first purchases:

I was reading an article in Glamour's April issue and it seems that yellow is in! Thank Jeebus! I love yellow :) I may need to snatch up one of these lovely dresses!

While I don't know when I would wear these or when I would be able to AFFORD them...I still want them! I love the details!

Dino tea towls?? These would go with my thrifted cast iron dino pans!

And my last want for this week is...and don't judge me for TOTALLY geeking out but...

If you know what I'm talking about...leave me a comment :)


  1. That iced coffee looks delish, and yes, sometimes it is that kind of day! :) Cute blog!